New Sustainability Course Offering: SOC 298.3 Special Topics in Environmental Sociology

We are pleased to announce that beginning in the 2015/2016 Term 2, the Prof. Michael Gertler and the Department of Sociology will be offering an exciting new sustainability course offering at the U of S!

New Sociology Course on Sustainable Development Being Offered

New Sustainability Course Announcement!
We're pleased to share that beginning in the upcoming term, Prof. Michael Gertler with the Dept. of Sociology will be offering a new course, SOC 298.3 - Special Topics in Environmental Sociology: Social Dimensions of Sustainable Development.
The course aims to explore sociological approaches to the study of environmental problems, societal responses, and sustainable alternatives. A focus will be placed on conceptualizing and understanding the social dimensions of sustainable development, including the potential roles of innovative organization and institutional arrangements.
This is an exciting new offering at the U of S and is open to advanced undergrads from any field or discipline. Prof. Gertler is particularly excited to customize the class to reflect the students' interests, making it an adaptive and growing learning environment.
For more information, please contact Prof. Gertler at or (306)966.8501.
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