Undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in Sustainability

Coordinated through SENS, the Undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in Sustainability enriches a student's current degree program and helps them stand out from the crowd following graduation. By providing significant exposure to sustainability-related concepts and practices, students gain an understanding of how to integrate human-environmental systems within our current reality and how to critically evaluate sustainability efforts. Students choose their elective courses from one of three areas of focus: natural resources and sustainability, community and sustainability or food systems and sustainability.

The Certificate in Sustainability is intended to give students theoretical, methodological, strategic, and substantive exposure to sustainability-related concepts and practice. Students will choose either the natural resources and sustainability focus, the community and sustainability focus or the food systems and sustainability focus. The certificate will allow students to engage in problem-based, experiential learning across a broad range of sustainability topics. The program will begin in the student’s second year with ENVS 201.

The Course and Program Calendar outlines the program requirements.

School of Environment and Sustainability

The School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) offers four graduate degree options. The school seeks to bridge multiple disciplines across the natural, physical, social sciences, as well as the humanities and engineering to address the most challenging environmental and sustainability issues we face. Having been established in 2007 with over 100 alumni, our students benefit from innovative, forward-thinking mentorship of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners as they are guided through exploratory exercises that emphasize critical thinking and alternative ways of knowing.

Undergraduate Environmental Degree Programs

Three colleges at the University of Saskatchewan offer undergraduate environmental degree programs. Whether you are interested in field-work, lab-work, policy, or planning, we offer an undergraduate environmental degree to fit your interests. In fact, there are ten undergraduate environmental degree options to choose from!

This diversity of programs offer students an opportunity to explore many aspects of environmental work, ranging from bioresources and studies in soil science, water science, and agriculture, to environmental policy, risk assessment, communications, geography, and planning, to biology, toxicology, and more.

Indigenous and Land-Based Sustainability Programs

Other Sustainability Related Certificates and Minors

Sustainability Course Inventory

If you would like to view a complete inventory of the sustainability-focused and sustainability-inclusive courses offered at the University of Saskatchewan, please visit our dedicated Sustainability Course Inventory page.