Public Transit

The USSU has a U-Pass program for undergraduates to reduce the cost of taking public transit by about 75% over the normal adult fare.  The Graduate Student Association also offers a U-Pass for graduate students. A full suite of programs is available to view at Parking and Transportation's website.


The University of Saskatchewan has taken many steps to making cycling an easy and accessible form of sustainable transportation to, from, and around the campus. For those who choose to commute by bicycle there are various services and supports available:

  • The USSU provides a bike repair stand (located between Thorvaldson and Arts).
  • A bike repair kit that can be signed out from the equipment desk at the PAC with a valid student card.
  • Parking & Transportation Services rents secure bike lockers.
    • Individual black lockers rent for $20/month, but availability is limited. Due to cost restrictions, there are no plans to expand the number of individual lockers on campus.
    • Secure underground parking stalls are available for $10/month. There are lockers in the Agriculture and Health Sciences parkades.
  • Above ground free cycling parking is plentiful
    • If a given bike rack is consistently full, please let our office know to see if racks can be moved based on demand.
  • An extensive network of multi-use paths connects every building at the university, making it easy to get to campus and move about it during the day on a bike.
  • Bi-annual winter cycling workshops are offered through the Office of Sustainability and the USSU. Follow the U of S Office of Sustainability's Facebook page to stay up to date on our events.

Bike Theft and Parking

Bike theft is an unfortunate reality that we must deal with at the university. University campuses are some of the most targeted areas for bike theft, and while the university takes many steps to addressing bike theft including protective services patrols and adequate safety-focused lighting, the best defense is a high-quality bike lock used correctly. The U of S Bookstore now carries Kryptonite bike locks and will often discount them for special events.

Once you have a high-quality bike lock, ensure that you are using it correctly. An expensive bike lock is worthless if it is incorrectly used.

The University of Saskatchewan is home to a large selection of free bike racks. When used in combination with a high-quality bike lock these racks will keep your bike safe in highly visible locations (though be sure to take any expensive accessories with you if you are concerned they may be stolen). For those looking to take on added security, U of S Parking & Transportation Services rents secure bike lockers. Visit their website to learn more about opportunities and prices.

Winter Cycling

A bike covered in snow at the University of Saskatchewan

Despite the cold weather and snowfall, Saskatoon is actually a great city for winter cycling. Here are a few tips to keep riding during the winter:

  • Good quality outerwear will easily keep you warm in our climate—most winter cyclists simply wear a base layer, an optional mid layer, and a parka without having any issues with the cold.
  • A set of goggles and a face mask will be your best friend at keeping cold winds out of your eyes and face.
  • The multi-use paths at the university (and around the rest of the city) are fairly reliably cleared during the winter. Plot your winter riding routes along the Meewasin Valley Trail, the university's own path network, and the city's marked cycling routes.
  • Unless you're riding a fat bike, steer clear of snow drifts. The larger the width of your tires, the better you'll be equipped to handle snow.
  • A studded tire will be your friend on slippery pathways. One in the front is often enough (though a rear stud can help on particularly icy paths). Studded tires are often very affordable (e.g. <$100) and can even be made at home using an old tire and a set of screws.

Cycling Events

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day is an annual Saskatoon-wide event that occurs in May of every year. Businesses around the city (including the University of Saskatchewan) host commuter stations that offer morning bike commuters coffee, snacks, games, swag, and a variety of other activities. 

More information about Bike to Work Day Saskatoon can be found at their website. Come Bike to Work Day each year, be sure to visit the U of S commuter station at the corner of College and Wiggins for free coffee, snacks, music, and bike accessories courtesy of the Office of Sustainability and Protective Services. 

Hike, Bike, and Roll

Hike Bike & Roll is an annual campus event that recognized and encourages active transportation - using your human power - to get around this winter. Join us in the bowl for a used bike sale, free smoothies, information, and freebies on how you can be sustainable, fit and healthy all year round! Each year we are joined by a collection of campus partners, Bike Universe who offers free bike tune-ups and advice, and the Bridge City Bike Co-op who hosts their annual campus bike sale for students, staff, and faculty alike who want to pick up an affordable bike for the year.

Hike Bike & Roll is open to the entire campus community. For more information on Hike Bike & Roll dates and times, be sure to follow the Office of Sustainability on Facebook.

Cycling Workshops

The Office of Sustainability hosts regular cycling workshops on campus to help teach the community repair and tune-up skills and tips for winter cycling. These workshops are often advertised on PAWS and on the USask Office of Sustainability's Facebook page. If you would like to arrange a workshop for your group on campus, please contact the Office of Sustainability and we would be happy to help arrange one for you.


USask Modal Share Surveys

The university’s commitments to sustainability include a goal to increase the quality and use of sustainable mobility options (public transit, carpooling, cycling and walking) for travel to, from and within the campus. 

The table below show the current modes of transportation chosen for commuting.

2016 Survey 2019 Survey 2022 Survey
Mode Students (%) Employees (%) Students (%) Employees (%) Students (%) Employees (%)
Walk 18.0 7.7 15 15 19.3 9.0
Bike, Skateboard, or Scooter 6.1 12.7 4 15 4.2 19.4
Bus 44.6 13.5 52 21 49.1 14.9
Carpool (2+) 9.4 15.9 11 11 9.1 14.9
Motorcycle 0.1 0.4 - - 0.4 -
Single-Occupant Vehicle 21.8 49.9 18 37 17.9 41.8