Office of Sustainability Contacts

Picture of  Erin Akins

Erin Akins Sustainability Initiatives Co-ordinator

Erin works to integrate sustainability into all aspects of university operations by facilitating changes to day-to-day activities, planning, and decision-making across campus. She works directly with various work units to review existing practices and facilitate positive change. She oversees the Work Green program.

Picture of  Kathryn Theede

Kathryn Theede Energy and Emissions Officer

Kathryn develops initiatives and implements strategies to conserve energy and reduce the university’s greenhouse gas emissions. She works towards enhancing practices on campus as they relate to energy management in such areas as facilities, campus utilities, solid waste, water, transportation, infrastructure, and equipment. Kathryn has also partnered with the university community on the Climate Action Plan and other related initiatives that strive towards achieving sustainable energy consumption on campus.

Picture of Margret Asmuss

Margret Asmuss Sustainability Co-ordinator

Margret oversees the day-to-day activities of the Office of Sustainability and progress on Campus Sustainability Plan goals and initiatives. She also facilitates the implementation of the Campus Sustainability Plan’s Education and Research initiatives. In this regard, her focus is to facilitate linkages to sustainability in those disciplines outside the traditional environmental and sustainability disciplines. Her work includes coordinating the Sustainability Living Lab which provides students with sustainability-focused challenges for project-based courses and facilitating professional development opportunities for faculty and instructors who wish to integrate sustainability into their teaching. Upon request, Margret also provides guest lectures on sustainability for a variety of classes.

Picture of  Matt Wolsfeld

Matt Wolsfeld Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Matt works with staff, faculty, and students to facilitate the development of a strong culture of sustainability that is visible throughout campus. By supporting and carrying out the Campus Sustainability Plan's Community Engagment objectives, he helps to achieve the Plan's goal of having all members of the campus community intentionally choosing and initiating sustainable behaviour in all areas of campus life.

Picture of  Odili Obi

Odili Obi Waste Prevention Co-ordinator

Odili is in charge of managing the university's single-stream recycling program along with all other aspects of waste management and prevention around campus. His position includes both operational and managerial components and ensures that recycling on campus stays accessible and effective.