Welcome to the New Sustainability Web Site!

We've made some changes to the Office of Sustainability's web site! Learn about how we've made things easier for you.

The New Office of Sustainability Web Site

A handy guide to how we're making sustainability easier for you

Frequent visitors to our site may have noticed some changes recently to the Office of Sustainability's web site. We've been restructuring and reorganizing to help you get to the information that you need faster.

New Organization

We recognized that some of our more popular initiatives or offerings have been hard to reliably find information on through our website. We've taken the initiative to bring some of these to the forefront to get you to the info you need faster.

New Categories

We've added an 'Initiatives and Events' category to our main navigation, highlighting the fact that our office actually runs many of the initiatives around campus that the community knows and loves. Here's where you'll find the broad aspects of sustainability such as recycling, cycling, community gardens, and more.

Stakeholder Specificity

We also wanted to recognize that our campus stakeholders represent a wide variety of needs. We've now broken up some of our lengthier pages to represent your specific needs no matter your stage in life. Looking for how to be a sustainable student? Visit our 'Being a Sustainable Student' page. Staff member looking to inject sustainability into your workplace? Start with our 'Being a Sustainable Employee' page. Every member of the campus community can now find more personalized information on sustainability for their needs at the U of S.

New Looks

In keeping up with the university's newest web template, we've decided to inject some colour into our offerings. All of our pages now reflect a consistent look and feel, bringing sustainability subjects to life!

Taking Action

We've made it easier to identify where you can take sustainability action on campus. On our pages where you are able to sign up, learn more, or contact us to take action, we've highlighted our calls to action and made the choice obvious for you. Make your desire to advance sustainability at the U of S known!

Next Steps

We constantly want to know how we can make sustainability easier and more appealing to you. Contact Us and let us know how we can further improve your U of S sustainability experience.
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