New Work Green Resources Available

Thanks to the hard work and suggestions of our Work Green Champions, we now have two new resources available for use in your workplace!

Two new resources discussed at the most recent Work Green meeting are now available on our website.

The elevator sign made by Seth Shacter from Computer Science has been updated with the Office of Sustainability’s logo and is available under the ‘Reminders and Prompts’ tab to print. Consider using it if you notice that elevator use in your building is getting out of hand. 

The Name Tag Reuse poster for events requested by Zehra Rizvi from Advancement and Community Engagement is available under the ‘Waste Minimization Materials’ tab and prints on regular 8.5”x11” letter paper, which will easily fit on any cardboard paper box in your workplace. To reduce waste and regular purchasing of name tags for your events, consider putting out a Name Tag Reuse Box to collect name tags from participants at the end.

 As a final update, Darcie Earle and her coworkers at Research Services and Ethics have volunteered to host our NatureMill Automatic Compost Bin trial. The bin will be purchased through a Work Green Grant and their existing expertise in composting and collaborative efforts around the office will be a great opportunity to show how workplaces can band together for interesting new sustainability initiatives.

 We’re so glad that members are reaching out to us with requests or ideas of their own that are moving forward. Continue to let us know if you have any ideas for how your workplace or campus in general can better participate in sustainability initiatives!

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