University of Saskatchewan Celebrates Sustainability Achievements on Campus Sustainability Day 2014

Join us in celebrating achievements in sustainability at the U of S for Campus Sustainability Day.


In recognition of Campus Sustainability Day on October 22, the University of Saskatchewan Sustainability Committee is pleased to announce new initiatives that will help the university achieve its sustainability goals.  All members of the campus community are encouraged to learn about and take advantage of these new opportunities.

Education and Research Initiatives

Governance Initiatives

  • Campus Sustainability Revolving Fund – This $2-million fund finances sustainability projects that result in utility savings, capturing and reinvesting some of those savings to maintain the fund’s balance and make further investments in sustainability.  Any campus units are eligible to apply.  Contact

  • Energy & Water Conservation Policy – Intended to ensure the university uses energy and water efficiently, wisely and responsibly, this policy has received institutional approval. 

Community Engagement and Operations Initiatives

  • Work Green – This network of campus workplaces is committed to improving the sustainability of their day-to-day operations.  Nine campus workplaces have already signed up, including the Office of the President.  We are looking for Green Champions in your workplace; contact to get started!

  • printSMART – On October 20 the University Library launched its printSMART campaign. Students will learn about the many ways they can reduce paper use.

The development of these initiatives has been guided by the Campus Sustainability Plan, developed during the Second Integrated Planning Cycle, and the Climate Action Plan, developed in response to the University and College Presidents’ Climate Change Statement of Action for Canada.  These initiatives will also move our university closer to its goal of a silver rating under the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System™  by 2020.   We currently have a bronze rating.  

Today is Campus Sustainability Day, an annual event when North American universities celebrate their sustainability successes and innovations.  To celebrate the day, the Sustainability Committee invites students, faculty and staff to learn more about our recent successes and innovations by taking part in the Learn, Live, Work Green online scavenger hunt.

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