24 kW Horticulture Field Office Array

Solar panels at the Horticulture Field Office on 14th St

Situated at the Horticulture Department's field office on 14th St, this 24 kW solar array was erected in 2012 using a $35,000 rebate supplied by the Government of Saskatchewan. It supplies roughly 70% of the yearly power needs of the horticulture facility, similar to the amount of energy required to power 3.7 homes for a year.

5.12 kW John Mitchell Building Array

Solar array at the John Mitchell Building on the U of S campus
Erected in the summer of 2016 at the south end of the John Mitchell Building, these panels are the result of a Living Lab student project which sought to expand renewable energy generation on campus to increase the availability of experiential learning opportunities. The panels are overseen by student volunteers from the U of S Innovative Energy Team and they are currently being used as hands-on study aids for a number of classes in the College of Engineering.