Work Green Improvements and Updates

Work Green Program Update

We want to make Work Green even better for our staff on campus, so we've taken two important steps to improve the program:

  1. We've made it easier to become a Work Green Sustainability Champion, and
  2. We're putting out an open call for staff to tell us more about what they want from Work Green.

We want to hear from USask staff about how they want sustainability to work on campus. What kind of help and resources do you need? What kind of changes do you want to see in your workplaces? What kind of programs should we be offering to make it easier for staff to improve sustainability at the university?

If you're not already a member, head over to the submission link below and sign up. If you are a member, we want to hear your thoughts on what would make the program even better at

How It Works

Work Green

Work Green is a network of campus workplaces committed to improving the sustainability of their day-to-day operations. Led by a "champion" in their workplace, colleagues collaborate to adopt new, greener practices that reduce use of resources like energy, water, minimize waste and consider the most sustainable options for purchases and commuting. The workplace is recognized for their leadership with certification as a member, bronze, silver or gold participant.

Workplaces can be as small as two individuals or as large as 20 or more. If a workplace is very large, it can be divided into two or more smaller groups--friendly competition between groups can motivate progress.

The Office of Sustainability supports the Champions with newsletters and other educational resources to share with their colleagues. Quarterly network meetings of Work Green champions provide an opportunity to share challenges and successes and to identify what additional resources are needed from the Office of Sustainability to support their work. Small grants are available to help Work Green units invest in the adoption of greener practices (e.g., the purchase of reusable dishes and cutlery). 

Are you ready to champion sustainability in your workplace? Sign up!

Sign Up

We've made it easier to become a sustainability champion in your workgroup!

Simply submit your campus e-mail below to register and our Community Engagement Co-ordinator will contact you shortly to confirm your registration.


In order to certify your workplace as an official Work Green member and receive your rating, the Champion must:
  1. Download the Group and Individual checklist files (see Resources);
  2. Distribute the Individual checklist to everyone in the workplace who wishes to participate;
  3. Complete the Group checklist on behalf of your office;
  4. Send the Group and any completed Individual checklists to the Office of Sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability provides a certificate (member, bronze, silver or gold) to the workplace and to every individual who completed a checklist. The workplace and its level of certification will be posted on the Work Green website and will be announced in the Work Green newsletter.


Work Green Gold Offices

Work Green Gold Certification
  • College of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences Main Office
  • College of Medicine, Dean's Office
  • Connection Point
  • International Office
  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Provost, Faculty Relations
  • Office of the VP Academic
  • Research Services and Ethics Office
  • Office of the University Secretary

Work Green Silver Offices

Work Green Silver Certification
  • College of Nursing
  • Consumer Services, Director's Office
  • Financial Services, Financial Reporting
  • FMD, Office of Sustainability
  • International Student and Study Abroad Centre
  • Library Collection Services
  • Protective Services, Patrol
  • University Archives and Special Collections
  • USSU
  • VPTL, Service Team

Work Green Bronze Offices

Work Green Bronze Certification
  • Consumer Services, Parking and Transportation
  • Institutional Planning and Assessment
  • School of Environment and Sustainability Staff

Work Green Certified Offices

Work Green Member Certification
  • Arts and Science, Administrative Commons
  • Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
  • Prince Albert Campus
  • Conferences and Event Registration Services
  • Language Centre,
  • College of Education Dean's Office
  • College of Medicine, Division of Social Accountability
  • College of Medicine, Undergraduate Office
  • Consumer Services, Bookstore
  • Consumer Services, Culinary Services
  • Consumer Services, Residence Services
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Geography and Planning
  • Department of Indigenous Studies
  • FMD, Administrative Support
  • FMD, AVP Office
  • FMD, Customer Service Centre
  • FMD, ICT
  • FMD, Space Management and Planning
  • Financial Services, AVP Office
  • Financial Services, Payment Services
  • Graduate Student's Association
  • Health Science, Supply Centre
  • Library, Dean's Office
  • Library, Health Sciences
  • Library, Law
  • Library, Science
  • Office of the Vice-President, Faculty Relations
  • Safety Resources
  • University Relations, Administrative Support
  • University Relations, Development
  • Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology


Be sure to fill out these checklists and submit them to the Office of Sustainability to receive your Work Green certification.

Group Checklist

Individual Checklist

The Vacation Checklist is a list of reminders to help you continue to Work Green even while enjoying your time off.

Vacation Checklist

These posters and links can help you and your coworkers better understand how to minimize waste at your workplace.

2019 Waste Poster

Quick Waste Guide

Name Tag Reuse Box Poster

These external links to helpful calculators can help you measure your workplace's environmental footprint.

Paper Calculator

Measure environmental impacts and find best paper choice.

Personal Ecological Footprint

What are your biggest areas of resource consumption?

These tip sheets are sent out in each Work Green monthly newsletter, but are available for your regular use here.

January: Paper Cups February: EPEAT Electronics March: Phantom Load
April: E-Recycling May: Water Conservation June: Biking
July: Volunteer August: Reduce Paper Use September: Bus
October: GHGs November: Bottled Water December: Buy Local

Check out our fantastic video series, "Dany Bleeds Green", at our YouTube channel!

Season 1

Season 2

Christmas Special


Small grants of up to $300 are available to help Work Green units invest in the adoption of greener practices (e.g., the purchase of reusable dishes and cutlery).

If you have any questions regarding the grants, please contact


The Office of Sustainability offers free Energy Awareness Training Session for any interested colleges, departments, divisions or units on campus. The half-day session includes:

  • Information on current energy initiatives on campus;
  • Information on simple methods to reduce energy consumption;
  • On-site demonstrations;
  • Links to on-campus resources.

Contact if you would like to arrange an Energy Awareness Training Session for your workplace.

Visit our Workshops and Professional Development page to learn more about the workshops offered through the Office of Sustainability.

If your workplace would like a presentation on sustainability or any related topics, please contact

Work Green Labs

The next major Work Green initiative being spearheaded by the Office of Sustainability is Work Green Labs, a sustainability champions program aimed at laboratory spaces across campus. These complicated workplaces are being looked at with a critical eye and will be addressed in specific detail through this new program.

Check back in the future to find more information as it becomes available.