The Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability provides career-oriented summer employment internships and part-time winter internships. All internships are posted at the Student Employment and Career Centre.

Environmental Careers Organization Canada

ECO Canada was established in 1992. Their services reach all participants of the environmental sector including employers, practitioners, educators, and students. The ECO Job Board - Canada's Largest Environmental Job Board — helps you find current environmental job opportunities in wildlife conservation, policy, earth sciences, geology, energy, government, environmental engineering, waste water treatment, and more.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association (SEIMA)

Students interested in working in the environmental field to are invited to submit their resume (2 page maximum) to our office. Resumes will be forwarded to the Saskatchewan Environmental Industry Manager's Association (SEIMA), where it will be available to all of their members.

Student Employment and Career Centre

The Student Employment & Career Centre (SECC) is an excellent resource for U of S students and alumni wanting to connect to that great job or get a jump-start on their career. Their website contains direct information on:

  • Job searching through their job board.
  • Choosing a career direction with an online assessment.
  • Resume building tips and tools.
  • Career fair opportunities to network with potential employees. Green Careers Guide

The website has launched a new Green Careers guide to help current and prospective college students better understand the green energy sector. This includes a detailed look at more than a dozen specialties within "green", non-profit organizations making a difference, and how to find and land a green job. Other key resources within the guide include:

  • Green trends fueling job growth
  • Top cities for green careers
  • Internships for students committed to conservation
  • Scholarships for students in green majors

Seven PhD-holding professionals in green energy and related areas contributed to the creation of the guide, including three department chairs and a former COO and consultant to a handful of Fortune 100 companies.

Other Great Resources