What is Green Pack?

Green Pack Basics

Do you want to see the University of Saskatchewan become more sustainable? Do you want to help educate your peers and colleagues on how sustainability can benefit operations at the university? Do you want to meet a group of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for sustainability? If any of these ring true, then Green Pack is for you!

Green Pack is a sustainability volunteer corp at the University of Saskatchewan that seeks to bring interested people in contact with the Office of Sustainability to put their passions and talents to good use. Many of the sustainability initiatives we hope to achieve at the university rely on the help of volunteers to see the initial success they need to springboard into future operations. Green Pack hopes to bring these volunteers under one umbrella so that we might: a) be more efficient in the use of volunteer opportunities on campus, and b) better recognize the important efforts of our volunteers.

USOS Recycling Volunteers

What Will I Do With Green Pack?

Green Pack volunteers will help with many of the tasks that have seen volunteer help in the past while helping us to look for new opportunities to engage the university community in sustainability initiatives. Some of the areas where you might see Green Pack helping out around campus include:

  • Aiding recycling and waste reduction efforts at campus events, notably Huskie football games at Griffiths Stadium to complement its 2015 recycling overhaul,
  • Helping promote sustainability initiatives at the Office of Sustainability's booths and tents during campus events,
  • Distributing promotional and educational materials for the Office of Sustainability to increase sustainability awareness around campus, 
  • Facilitating educational events on campus such as panel discussions and film showings, and
  • Acting as a regular advocate for sustainability in your campus unit.

We look at Green Pack as an opportunity to grow in community engagement and involving everyone around campus in making sustainability a priority in university operations. If you have ideas for how Green Pack can be best used, let us know!

What Do I Get From Green Pack?

Green Pack hopes to offer its members a rewarding experience including benefits such as:

USOS Volunteer Handing out Bike Notices
  • Certificates and Resume Building Opportunities - The Office of Sustainability offers certificates of volunteer activitiy and help in showing your advocacy for sustainability on a resume.
  • Solutions for Volunteer Hour Requirements - Many programs on campus have volunteer hours as a requirement of a degree. What better way to achieve these hours than by advancing sustainability on campus?
  • Networking Opportunities - Green Pack is an opportunity to work alongside other students, staff, and faculty members of the university all engaged in a common passion. Meet new friends, connect with supervisors and mentors, or just learn who else is helping to advance sustainability on campus
  • Opportunities to Shape Campus Sustainability - Have an idea about how campus could become more sustainable? Green Pack members have the chance to help shape sustainability initiatives on campus by providing their input with the Office of Sustainability and acting as a sustainability champion in their area of the university.
  • Access to Exclusive Draws and Events - What would a volunteer group be if there weren't prizes and parties? Green Pack members will be invited to exclusive film screenings, appreciation parties, and sustainability-related events in addition to having the ability to enter Green Pack raffles for prizes from the University Bookstore, Marquis Dining Hall, Louis', and more!

How Do I Join?

Joining Green Pack is simple! Just head to our sign-up page here and our Community Engagement Co-ordinator Matt Wolsfeld will contact you with more details.