Sustainability Research Inventory

The Office of Sustainability maintains an inventory of sustainability-focused and sustainability-inclusive courses offered at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Affiliated Centre

Recent Projects/Publications

Research Interests

Amira Abdelrasoul

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Abdelrasoul, A., Doan, H., Lohi, A., Cheng, C.-H. (2017) The effect of contaminated particle sphericity and size on membrane fouling in cross flow ultrafiltration, Environmental Technology, DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2017.1297490. (SHRF)

Innovative Biomimetic Hemodialysis Membrane Design with Enhanced Biocompatibility and Improved Clearance of Toxic Middle Molecules Towards Artificial Wearable Kidney

Membrane Science and Nanotechnology for Energy & Water Sustainability
Biomimetic and Bioinspired Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications and Advanced Technologies
Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems

Sylvia  Abonyi

Community Health and Epidemiology

Archaeology & Anthropology

Abonyi S, Mayan M, Boffa J. “Finally when I started falling down”: Indigenous TB Patient Experiences of Health and Illness on the Canadian Prairies. International Journal of Indigenous Health. 2017 Jun;12(1):2-23. Epub 2017 Jun.

Abonyi S, Hackett P, Dyck R. Reflections on ethical challenges encountered in Indigenous health research using archival records. International Journal of Circumpolar Health. 2016 Jun 27;75(32592).

medical/health anthropology, Indigenous Population health, aging well in place, respiratory health, sleep health, qualitative health research methods, CBPR

Sina  Adl

Soil Science

No-tillage agriculture nitrogen fixation; Scaling-up pulse innovations for food and nutrition security in southern Ethiopia; Designing crops for Global Food Security

soil biology, protist diversity and systematics, soil micro-invertebrates, nutrient cycling, food webs, community structure, microbial ecology

Glen  Aikenhead

Curriculum Studies

School Mathematics for Reconciliation:
From a 19th to a 21st Century Curriculum

Cross-cultural science education

Alec Aitken

Geography & Planning

Marine biology and seabed habitat mapping, eastern Baffin Island, Nunavut

Marine biology and geology
Quaternary geology
environmental history

Avi Akkerman

Geography & Planning

2016. Phenomenology of the Winter-City: Myth in the Rise and Decline of Built Environments. New York: Springer

urban design, transportation, urban access, history of city-form, phenomenology of the city

Shafiq  Alam

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Extraction of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from fly ash and bottom ash of SaskPower’s Poplar River Thermal Power Plants (NSERC Engage)

hydrometallurgy, mineral processing, metals recovering/recycling, biosorption, biomaterials, waste/residue treatment, acid mine drainage (AMD), process modelling, process flow sheet development, process optimization

June Anonson


Connecting community leaders, service providers, and homeless persons to address homelessness in Prince Albert: An outreach activity that builds upon SSHRC funded research (SHRF)

Nursing Leadership
Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations

Jose  Andres


Usask researchers discover three new species of poisonous Colombian frogs:

Long beak evolution of Australian soapberry bugs and how it may serve as an evolving indigenous biological control mechanism for invasive vines; molecular genetics bases of beak length in the soapberry bug using a combination of whole genome and candidate gene approaches; exploring the origins, maintenance and evoluntionary consequences of poison dart frogs; role of seminal fluid proteins in the origins and maintenance of reproductive isolation between hybridizing species of field crickets; genetic basis of reproductive isolation and adpation

Melissa Arcand

Soil Science

Arcand, M.M., Levy-Booth, D.J., and Helgason, B.L.  2017.  Resource legacies of organic and conventional management differentiate soil microbial carbon use.  Frontiers in Microbiology, 8: 2293.

Forum on Indigenous Agriculture in Saskatchewan: Sowing a way towards revitalizing Indigenous agriculture in Treaty 4 and 6 Territories

biogeochemical cycling, nutrient stewardship, soil organic matter, soil biodiversity, soil ecology, rhizosphere

Yuguang Bai

Plant Sciences

Palit, R., Bai, Y., Romo, J., Coulman, B., and Warren, R.  2017.  Seed production in Festuca hallii is regulated by long term temperature and precipitation patterns.  Rangeland Ecology and Management, 70(2): 238-243.

Enhancing seed and biomass production and drought tolerance of plains rough fescue using novel seed treatments (SK Cattlemen's Association)

grassland and forest ecology, seed and seedbed ecology, oilsands reclamation

Oon-Doo  Baik

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Eco-friendly non-thermal inactivation of E.coli in wheat flour using cold plasma technology (Ag Development Fund)

Energy and cost efficient removal of anti-nutritional compounds and negative flavours in pulses using electromagnetic wave (Pulse Crops Canada Association)

efficient extraction of bioactive components, radio frequency heating, food and biomaterial processing, heat and mass transfer, reaction kinetics, ultrasound, pulsed electric field, process design and optimization, food safety and quality

Jeff  Baker

Curriculum Studies

Aboriginal Education Research Centre

kiskinwahamâtowin: Indigenous science teacher education through land and language (SSHRC Insight Development)

the transformative possibilities of Indigenous Science Education for catalyzing more equitable and sustainable ways of living

Jill Bally


Spurr, S., Bullin, C., Bally, J., Trinder, K., & Khan, S. (In Press). Nurse-led Diabetic Retinopathy Screening: A Pilot Study to Evaluate a New Approach to Vision Care for Canadian Aboriginal Peoples. Journal: International Journal of Circumpolar Health (ZICH).

Supporting Indigenous Family Caregivers of Children with Life-Threatening and Life-Limiting Illness in Saskatchewan (SHRF)

Pediatric nursing
Family nursing care
Pediatric palliative care
Nursing education

Geraldine  Balzer

Curriculum Studies

teacher education; secondary school English language arts; Aboriginal education; decolonization; transformative education; curriculum; and service learning, pedagogy of social justice teaching

Sabine Banniza

Plant Sciences

Identification of molecular markers for the introgression of aphanomyces root rot resistance from Lens orientalis into cultivated lentil (Ag Development Fund)

Banniza, S., Warale, R., Menat, J., Cohen-Skali, A., Armstrong-Cho, C., and Bhadauria, V.  2018.  The long path to understanding the host–pathogen interactions of Colletotrichum lentis on lentil.  Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, 40(2): 199-209.

disease resistance in pulse crops and their wild relatives
root rots in pea and lentil
fungal pathogens on faba bean
Colletotrichum lentis on lentil

Lee  Barbour

Civil and Geological Engineering


 sustainable development of natural resources, groundwater and hydrogeology, Unsaturated Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport, Mine Waste Reclamation

MJ  Barrett


Educational Foundations, ICNGD

Barrett, M.J., Harmin, M., Maracle, B., Patterson, M., Thomson, C., Flowers, M., and Bors, K.  2017.  Shifting relations with the more-than-human: six threshold concepts for transformative sustainability learning.  Environmental Education Research, 23(1): 131-143.

Deepening connection in pursuit of environmental sustainability: Assessing a promising lever for shifting intractable assumptions of separation (SSHRC Insight)

interspecies dialogue, transformative sustainability learning, Indigenous and decolonizing methodologies

Marie  Battiste

Educational Foundations

M. Battiste (co-applicant) with Isobel Findlay and Joe Garcea, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network Prairie Research Centre, Urban Aboriginal Postsecondary Student Experience: Facilitators and Inhibitors of Learning Environments for Maximum Potential, April 2016-2018.;

M. Battiste, 2016. Resilience and resolution: Mi’kmaw education and the treaty implementation. In M. Battiste (Ed.), Living Treaties: Narrating Mi¹kmaw Treaty Relations (pp.259-278). Sydney, NS: Cape Breton University Press.

Aboriginal life long learning, decolonizing and indigenizing the Academy, violence prevention and anti-bullying in schools, ethnographic and historical studies of Indigenous education, nourishing the learning spirit, renewal and reconstruction of Aboriginal peoples' language and culture, research and ethics involving indigenous peoples, Aboriginal teachers' experiences in Saskatchewan public schools, retention and access of university of Aboriginal graduate students

Helen  Baulch



Nitrogen cycling in nutrient-rich freshwaters (NSERC Discovery)

Initial Development of a Nutrient Management Plan for Moosomin Reservoir

Gooding, R. and Baulch, H.M.  2017.  Small Reservoirs as a Beneficial Management Practice for Nitrogen Removal.  Journal of Environmental Quality, 46(1): 96-104.

water quality, aquatic ecology, global change, biogeochemical cycles, greenhouse gas emissions, eutrophication, algal blooms, climate change

Aaron Beattie

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Breeding milling oat varieties with improved agronomic, quality and disease traits for Saskatchewan oat producers (Ag Development Fund)

Development of markers linked to oat crown rust resistance to help breed improved varieties for Saskatchewan producers

Barley and oat breeding

Bonita Beatty

Indigenous Studies

Social Isolation of Seniors Toolkit (for Indigenous Seniors in Canada) (Employment and Social Development Canada)

indigenous governance, indigenous public policy, health and capacity building among Aboriginal populations in northern Saskatchewan, community engagment in northern Saskatchewan

Angela  Bedard-Haughn

Soil Science


SKSIS-2: Enhanced Saskatchewan Soil Information for Sustainable Land Management, Phase 2 (Ag Development Fund)

Zhang, Z., Brown, R., Bauer, J., and Bedard-Haughn, A.  2017.  Nutrient dynamics within drainage ditches under recent, medium, and long-term drainage in the Black soil zone of southeastern Saskatchewan.  Geoderma, 289: 66-71.

Seidle, K.M., Lamb, E.G., Bedard-Haughn, A., and DeVink, J.-M.  2018.  Environmental associations of Hesperia dacotae (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada.  The Canadian Entomologist, 1-11.

applied pedology, soils nad global change, wetland soils

Ken  Belcher

Agricultural and Resource Economics


Kelly, K.E., Belcher, K., and Khakbazan, M.  2018.  Economic Targeting of Agricultural Beneficial Management Practices to Address Phosphorus Runoff in Manitoba.  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66(1): 143-166.

Berry, P., Yassin, F., Belcher, K., and Lindenschmidt, K,-E.  2017.  An economic assessment of local farm multi-purpose surface water retention systems in a Canadian Prairie setting.  Applied Water Science, 7(8): 4461-4478.

Ecological economics
Resource and environmental economics
Environmental policy
Wetland and wildlife conservation policy

Lynne  Bell

Art & Art History

Decolonizing Education in Canadian Universities: An Interdisciplinary Indigenous Research Project

contemporary Canadian visual culture, decolonizing Canadian education, 19th Century visual culture, colonial and postcolonial history

Scott  Bell

Geography & Planning


Colin Michael, Minielly, Derek Peak, Weiping Zeng, Shuo Yuan, Scott Bell.   Using WebGIS as a Tool for Agricultural Development with African Indigenous Vegetables. Spatial Knowledge and Information – Canada 2019

Shen, Rong, Honghao Yu, Bram Noble, Weiping Zeng, Sarina Gersher, Thang Phung, Cherie Westbrook, Kenneth Belcher, Farzana Nijhum, Abigail Weger, Robert Alary, Sarah Rutley, Scott Bell.   A GIS-based Model of Ecosystem Services for the Northeast Swale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Spatial Knowledge and Information – Canada 2019

Health geography, GIS, human spatial cognition, wayfinding and navigation, cartography

Jonathan Bennett

Plant Sciences

Fungal suppression as a means to control leafy spurge and restore range health (NSERC)

Plant-soil interactions and stand decline in alfalfa: Mechanisms and potential mitigation strategies (SK Cattlemen's Association)

Loleen  Berdahl

Political Studies


Walker, R., L. Berdahl, E. Lashta, D. Newhouse and Y. Belanger. 2017. “Public attitudes toward Indigeneity in Canadian prairie urbanism.” The Canadian Geographer (61:2), 212-223. DOI: 10.1111/cag.12360

Berdahl, L., M. Bourassa, S. Bell and J. Fried. 2016. “Exploring perceptions of credible science among policy stakeholder groups: results of focus group discussions about nuclear energy." Science Communication. 38 (3), 382-406.

Canadian politics, election studies, energy policy, federalism, indigenous, intergovernmental relations, internal trade, political behaviour, public opinion, public policy, regionalism

Lois Berry


Rural revitalization for health and shared prosperity (SSHRC Connection)

Policy development
Health system quality
Rural & remote health & nursing education
Quality in nursing education

Kirstin Bett

Plant Sciences

Enhancing the Value of Lentil Variation for Ecosystem Survival (EVOLVES) (Genome Canada)

Hamid Khazaei, Carolyn T Caron, Michael Fedoruk, Marwan Diapari, Albert Vandenberg, Clarice J Coyne, Rebecca McGee, Kirstin E Bett. Genetic diversity of cultivated lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) and its relation to the world’s agro-ecological zones. Frontiers in Plant Sci. 7:1093.

Pulse crop genomics and dry bean breeding

Lalita Bharadwaj

School of Public Health

Indigenous Water and Health Research Reconciliation Network (CIHR)

Bharadwaj, L.A., Bradford, L.E.A. (2018). Water Poverty: Impacts Beyond Physical. In Exner-Pirot, H. (Ed) Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare OpenEd Project, University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Nursing Education (in press).

Barriers and Key Issues to the Access of Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water Sources in First Nations Communities
Community Based Participatory Research with Indigenous Communities
Human and Environmental Health Risk Assessment
Community-Based Education

Bill Biligetu

Plant Sciences

CAP Science Cluster: Development of native and tame forage varieties and mixtures for improved forage and environmental productivity and resilience (Cdn Cattlemen's Association)

Bhattarai, S., Coulman, B., and Biligetu, B.  2016.  Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.): Renewed interest as a forage legume for western Canada.  Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 96(5): 748-756.

Breeding and Genetics of Forage Crop Plants for the adaption to the Prairie region of western Canada.

Yelena  Bird

School of Public Health

The relationship between socioeconomic status/income and prevalence of diabetes and associated conditions: A cross-sectional population-based study in Saskatchewan, Canada.; Adolescents’ smoking experiences, family structure, parental smoking and socio-economic status in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

smoking cessation policy, domestic violence prevention, environmental health, women's health

Barry Blakely

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

Effects of pesticide exposure during gestation on immune function.
Cholinesterase inhibition in birds following exposure to anticholinesterase agents.
Immunotoxicology related to metal exposure.
Diagnostic veterinary toxicology.
Nutritional toxicology related to Fusarium and ergot mycotoxins.

veterinary diagnostic toxicology; investigate poisonings; immunotoxicology & basic effects on immune system; animal & human health; tetralogy; effects of chemicals during in utero exposure; immune-mediated diseases; metals; nutrition; trace minerals

Jill  Blakley

Geography & Planning


Lessons Learned, Best Practices and Critical Gaps in Regional Environmental Assessment: A Synthesis of Canadian and International Experience (SSHRC)

Aksamit, C., Blakley J., Jaeger, J., Noble, B., and Westman, C. (2019). Sources of uncertainties in environmental assessment: Lessons about disclosure and communication from an oil sands extraction project in Northern Alberta. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management.

R. Walker and J. Blakley. 2018. “Chapter 18: Public space in the city centre: Design, activity and measurement.” In: Pierre Filion, Markus Moose, Tara Vinodrai, and Ryan Walker (eds.) Canadian Cities in Transition, 6th ed. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press.

cumulative effects assessment, strategic environmental assessment, regional environmental management frameworks, urban planning, public life studies

Trent Bollinger

Veterinary Pathology

Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative

Mejía-Salazar MF, Waldner CL, Hwang YT, Bollinger T (2018): Use of environmental sites by mule deer: a proxy for relative risk of chronic wasting disease exposure and transmission. Ecosphere 9 (1): e02055.

Bohn SJ, Turner JM, Warnecke L, Mayo C, McGuire LP, Misra V, Bollinger TK, Willis CKR (2016): Evidence of 'sickness behaviour' in bats with white-nose syndrome. Behaviour 153: 981-1003.

pathology and epidemiology of diseases in wildlife and fish

Helen Booker

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

CAP Diverse Field Crop Cluster: Development of Flax Cultivars for Western Canada

Jia, G. and Booker, H.M.  2018.  Optimal models for the yield analysis of flax cultivars. Canadian Journal of Plant Sciences (in press).

Flax breeding and genetics

Carrie Bourassa

Community Health and Epidemiology

Indigenous Water Co-Governance: Emerging Models of Distributed Water Governance in British Columbia and Alberta

CCNA Team 20:Issues in Rural and Indigenous Health

Bourassa, C. (2018). Addressing the Duality of Access to Healthcare for Indigenous Communities: Racism and Geographical Barriers to Safe Care, Healthcare Papers, Rural and Remote Health Services, Vol. 17. No. 3, 6-10, Online:

Indigenous community-based research
Indigenous research methods / methodologies
Cultural safety and anti-racism
Water governance and Indigenous law
Dementia and aging in Indigenous populations
HIV, AIDS and STDs in Indigenous women

Maureen  Bourassa

Management and Marketing


Berdahl, Loleen, Maureen Bourassa, Scott Bell, and Jana Fried (2016), “Exploring Perceptions of
Credible Science Among Policy Stakeholder Groups: Results of Focus Group Discussions About
Nuclear Energy,” Science Communication, 38 (3), 382-406.

Deonandan, Kalowatie, Maureen Bourassa, Loleen Berdahl, and Scott Bell, Fedoruk Centre for
Nuclear Innovation  for “Establishing Social License: Women, Respect, and Stakeholder Engagement in the Nuclear Sector”, July 2015 to June 2018.

Respect in B2C, B2B, and stakeholder relationship contexts
Stakeholder engagement in the context of contentious social issues
Transparency in the nonprofit sector; and authenticity in nonprofit/business relationships

Adam Bourassa

Physics and Engineering Physics

Development of satellite based remote sensing measurement and inversion techniques that are able to probe the atmosphere globally, frequently and repetitively
Canadian Optical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imaging System (OSIRIS) satellite to globally measure the vertical structure of the atmosphere
Measurements and impacts of aerosols in the upper troposphere and stratosphere
Development of radiative transfer modeling and inversion methods for these and other aerosols, including clouds, smoke and dust
Understanding the radiative and chemical effects of these aerosolst in the study of long term atmospheric trends required for further understanding of the Earth's climate system
Development of designs for future optical instrumentation for sub-orbital and space-based remote sensing missions

Angela  Bowen


Marriott R (Principal Investigator), Bowen A (Co-investigator), Hauck Y (Co-investigator), Kendall S (Co-investigator), Walker R (Co-investigator), Martin T (Co-investigator). Cultural sensitivity of Aboriginal women birthing in urban maternity facilities, National Health and Medical Research Council-Australia (equivalent to CIHR).  2014-04 to 2018-06

Women's & maternal mental health, socially vulnerable and Aboriginal mothers

Lori Bradford



Indigenous Engagement on Lake Winnipeg Basin Nutrient Issues in Treaty 4, 5 and 6, Saskatchewan (ECCC)

Bradford, L., Waldner, C., McLaughlin, K., Zagozewski, R., & Bharadwaj, L. (2018). A mixed-method examination of risk factors in the truck-to-cistern drinking water system on the Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan. Canadian Water Resources Journal/Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques, 1-18.

Indigenous water knowledge
Water policy
Water empathy
Social determinants of health
Engaged scholarship

Markus Brinkmann


GIWS, Toxicology Centre

Understanding the impacts of environmental factors on uptake and effects of ionizable organic chemicals in aquatic organisms (NSERC Discovery)

Brinkmann, M., Hecker, M., Giesy, J.P., Jones, P.D., Ratte, H.T., Hollert, H., Preuss, T.G. (2018) Generalized concentration addition accurately predicts estrogenic potentials of mixtures and environmental samples containing partial agonists. Toxicology in Vitro 46: 294-303.

Exposure and Risk Assessment Modelling
Toxicokinetic Modelling
Aquatic Ecotoxicology

Ryan  Brook

Animal and Poultry Science


Canadian Wild Pig Project:

Movements and Habitat Selection of the Cape Churchill Caribou Population (Govt of Manitoba)

Wildlife ecology and health
Aboriginal community engagement and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Farmer knowledge about wildlife
Youth engagement in Science
Management of the Wildlife-Livestock Interface

Carolyn Brooks


First Nations youth resilience, visual sociology, photovoice and arts based methods, women in conflict with the law, globalization and the politics of punishment, intimate partner violence, crime prevention and restorative justice, aboriginal women's health, community-based research

Joel  Bruneau



Joel Bruneau, Madanmohan Ghosh, Deming Luo, Yunfa Zhu, 2016, “Identifying the Drivers of Demand-based and Production-based GHG Emissions” (submitted)

International Trade , Environmental Economics , Resource Economics , Water Resource Economics , Industrial Structure, International Competitiveness issues around Climate Change Policies, Water valuation studies, Economic Development, Industrial Composition, and Pollution Intensity

Fiona Buchanan

Animal and Poultry Science

Converting Fusarium-infected wheat into a safe source of protein for poultry (Ag Development Fund)

C. Ocho Sanabria, N. Hogan, K. Madder, C. Gillot, B. Blakley, M. Reaney, A. Beattie, and F. Buchanan, 2019. Yellow mealworm larvae (Tenebrio molitor) fed mycotoxin-contaminated wheat-a possible safe, sustainable protein source for animal feed?  Toxins. 11, 282; doi:10.3390/toxins11050282

Beef cattle
Molecular genetics
Detoxification of mycotoxins using insect larvae

Rosalind Bueckert

Plant Sciences

Huang S, Gali KK, Tar’an B, Warkentin TD, Bueckert RA. Pea Phenology: Crop Potential in a Warming Environment. Crop Science. 2017; 57:1540-1551.

CAP Soybean Cluster: Northern latitude soybean – physiology of yield formation and beating the cold

Crop growth and yield response to environmental factors
Yield formation processes in field crops

Sarah Buhler


Buhler, N. Van Styvendale and P. Settee, 2019. (Re)Mapping Justice in Saskatoon: the Wahkohtowin Project’s Digital Justice Map.  Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research

S. Buhler, S. Delanoy, A. Dodge, C. Johnson, J. Mercredi, H. Peters and S. Tu’Inukuafe, 2018. Relationship, Accountability, Justice: A Conversation about Community-Engaged Research. Engaged Scholar Journal.

Access to justice
Legal ethics and the legal profession
Legal education/ clinical legal education

Keith Thor Carlson


Lost Stories:

Gladue Rights Research Database:

indigenous history, community engagement, Coast Salish ethnohistory, North American west & North American Pacific slope, Hukbalahap Philippine history, Digital Humanities

Gap Soo Chang

Physics and Engineering Physics

Y. Jouane, S. Colis, G. Schmerber, A. Dinia, P. Bazylewski, G. S. Chang, Y. Chapuis, Impact of sputtered ZnO interfacial layer on the S-curve in conjugated polymer/fullerene based-inverted organic solar cells, Thin Solid Films, 576, 23-30 (2015) DOI:10.1016/j.tsf.2014.12.023.

Development of biodegradable organic solar cells based on new eco-friendly metal/cyclolinopeptide biosemiconductors

Advance Materials/Devices Research
Graphene Electronics
Magnetic Semiconductors
Organic Electronics

Won Jae Chang

Civil and Geological Engineering


Gibb, N.P., Dynes, J.J., Chang, W*., (2018) A recyclable adsorbent for salinized groundwater: Dual-adsorbent desalination and potassium-exchanged zeolite production. Chemosphere 209, 721-729.

Kim, J., Lee, A.H., Chang, W*., (2018) Enhanced bioremediation of nutrient-amended, petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soils over a cold-climate winter: the rate and extent of hydrocarbon biodegradation and microbial response in a pilot-scale biopile subjected to natural seasonal freeze-thaw temperatures, Science of the Total Environment, 612 (2018) 903-913.

Contaminated site assessment and remediation
Petroleum hydrocarbons
Freezing contaminated soils
Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria
Microbial community characterization

Ravindra Chibbar

Plant Sciences

Genomic strategies to enhance winter field survival and stabilized yield in fall seeded cereals - Phase 2

Improvement of grain yield and quality in climate change resilient crops (NSERC Discovery)

Biochemical and molecular characterization of the genetic determinants of grain quality in cereal and pulse crops

Neil  Chilton


Ecology, evolution, population genetics and systematics of metazoan parasites, and the bacterial communities of ticks.

Bacterial communities of ticks
Tick ecology, evolution and population genetics
Population genetics of parasitic insects (fleas and bedbugs)
Molecular systematics of parasitic nematodes

Doug Chivers


The ecology of fear and safety in a changing world (NSERC Discovery)

 D.P. Chivers, M.I. McCormick, R.P. Barry, E.P. Fakan, J.W., Edmiston and M.C.O. Ferrari. 2019. Coral degradation alters predator odour signatures and influences predator learning and survival. Proc B 286: 20190562.

behavioural ecology; chemical ecology; emphasizing predator/prey interactions

Tony Chung

Electrical and Computer Engineering

N. Safari, C. Y. Chung, and G. C. D. Price, “Novel Multi-Step Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Framework Based on Chaotic Time Series Analysis and Singular Spectrum Analysis,” IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Vol. 33, Issue 1, January 2018, pp. 590–601

D.P. Ke, F.F. Shen, C. Y. Chung, C. Zhang, J. Xu, and Y.Z. Sun, “Application of Information Gap Decision Theory to the Design of Robust Wide-Area Power System Stabilizers Considering Uncertainties of Wind Power,” IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy, Vol. 9, Issue 2, April 2018, pp. 805–817.

Smart Grid and Renewable Energy; Power System Stability and Control; Power System Planning and Operation; Applications of Advanced Optimization Techniques in Power Systems; Power Market; Electric Vehicle Charging

Bob  Clark



Global Water Futures - Wetlands co-lead

Avian Ecology, Reproduction and breeding habitat selection, Landscape ecology

Douglas  Clark


JSGS, Northern Rockies Conservation Co-operative,

Clark, D., and Joe-Strack, J. 2017. Keeping the “co” in northern resource co-management. Northern Public Affairs: April 2017: 71-74. URL:

Schmidt, J.I.; Clark, D.; Lokken, N.; Lankshear, J.; Hausner, V. The role of trust in sustainable management of land, fish, and wildlife populations in the Arctic. Sustainability 2018, 10, 3124.

indigenous co-management of ecosystems and resources, polar bear-human conflicts, wildlife and protected area management, environmental governance and policy processes

Jim  Clifford


Jim Clifford, West Ham and the River Lea: A Social and Environmental History of London's Industrialized Marshland, 1839-1914, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2017. Focuses on the history of rapid growth in suburban London.

Commerce impérial et transformations environnementales: la formation des hectares fantômes dans la vallée laurentienne, 1763-1918 (SSHRC Insight Grant with  Stéphane Castonguay, UQTR, Michèle Dagenais, Université de Montreal, and Colin Coates, York University)

Environmental history of Britain focused on Greater London
Digital history and Historical GIS
Urban History
Commodities, British World and 19th Century Globalization
Social History
Political History
Active History and Public History
History of Public Health

Ken  Coates



Aboriginal Entrepreneurship in Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Norway,
SSHRC, co-investigator with Dr. Lee Swanson and Dr. Greg Poelzer, 2013-2017

Regional innovation
University education and higher education generally
Aboriginal rights and land claims
Science and technology policy
Japan and Canada-Asia relations
Northern governance and development, and circumpolar affairs

Katelyn Congreves

Soil Science

Biogeochemical cycling at the molecular level in intensive cropping systems (NSERC Discovery)

Norris, C.E. & Congreves, K.A. (2018). Alternative management improves soil health indices in intensive vegetable cropping systems: A review. Frontiers in Environmental Science (Section Agroecology and Ecosystem Services), 6: 1-18. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2018.00050

Biogeochemical Cycling
Soil Health and Fertility
Crop Nutrition
Vegetable Agronomy
Sustainable Cropping Systems

Michael  Cottrell

Educational Administration

Exploring Culturally Responsive School Governance for Aboriginal Students Success in Saskatoon, UAKN Grant with the Saskatoon Tribal Council, 2014-2016

Native-Newcomer Relations; Indigenous Education; International and Comparative Education; Educational Leadership.

Duncan Cree

Mechanical Engineering

J. Gales, T. Parker, D. Cree, D., M. Green. (2015). Fire performance of sustainable recycled concrete aggregates: Mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and current research needs. Fire Technology, 1-29.

D. Cree, A. Rutter. (2015). Sustainable bio-inspired limestone eggshell powder for potential industrialized applications. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 3(5) 941-949.

Sustainable Materials
Advanced Engineering Materials
Composites Processing
Natural Fibres
Mechanical Properties, Testing and Microstructural Characterization

Irena Creed


Ameli, A. and Creed, I.F.  2017.  Quantifying hydrologic connectivity of wetlands to surface water systems. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21: 1791–1808.,-wetlands-research-get-nserc-boost-----.php

Ecosystem Science
Ecosystem Services
Global Change

Geoff Cunfer


Geoff Cunfer and Bill Waiser, eds., Bison and People on the North American Great Plains:  A Deep Environmental History (College Station:  Texas A&M University Press, 2016).

E. Galan, R. Padro, I. Marco, E. Tello, G. Cunfer, G.I. Guzman, M. Gonzalez de Molina, F. Krausmann, S. Gingrich, V. Sacristan, D. Moreno-Delgado, “Widening the Analysis of Energy Return on Investment (EROI) in Agro-Ecosystems:  Socio-Ecological Transitions to Industrialized Farm Systems (the Valles County, Catalonia, c.1860 and 1999),” Ecological Modelling 336 (2016): 13-25.

Environmental History
Great Plains History
Historical Agro-Ecology
Historical GIS
Socio-Ecological Metabolism
Digital Humanities

Ajay  Dalai

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Support industry in validating, scaling and commercializing biofuel and biochar products (WEDC)

Badoga, Sandeep, Ajay K. Dalai, John Adjaye, Yongfeng Hu. “Insights into individual and combined effects of phosphorus and EDTA on performance of NiMo/MesoAl2O3 catalyst for hydrotreating of heavy gas oil.” Fuel Processing Technology (2017). DOI: 10.1016/j.fuproc.2017.01.034.

renewable energy, heavy oil and gas processing, catalytic reaction engineering

Ranjan  Datta


 Indigenous energy philosophy–creating a collaborative resilient energy transition

Anthony de Padua


Exploring the Experiences of Spirituality and Healing for Indigenous people living with HIV and the Co-creation of a Circle for Healing (SCPOR, SHRF)

My goal is to engage both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, organizations, and individuals in order to have them achieve a more equal partnership with the health care system.  

Colleen Anne Dell


One Health

A PAWSitive Support Program for Veterans with PTSD who Problematically Use Substances (Health Canada)

C. Dell, D. Chalmers, M. Stobbe, B. Rohr, A. Husband (2019). “Animal Assisted Therapy in a Canadian Psychiatric Prison”. International Journal of Prisoner Health. DOI 10.1108/IJPH-04-2018-0020. 1-24.

McQuaid, R. & C. Dell. (2018). “Life in Recovery from Addiction in Canada: Examining Gender Pathways with a Focus on the Female Experience”. Alcohol Treatment Quarterly. pp. 1-18. DOI: 10.1080/07347324.2018.1502642.

Animal Assisted Interventions
Health & Healing
Mental Health
Indigenous Wellbeing
Knowledge Mobilization
Women and Girls

Kalowatie  Deonandan

Political Studies


Kalowatie Deonandan (PI), “Women, Resistance and Mining in Guatemala.” SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2016-18;

Kalowatie Deonandan. 2018. "Gender in Mining Governance." (International Institute for Sustainable Development -IISD/ United Nations Development Program--UNDP).

Kalowatie Deonandan, Rebecca Tatham, and Brennan Field. 2017. “Indigenous Women’s Anti-Mining Activism: A Gendered Analysis of the El Estor Struggle in Guatemala.” Gender and Development Vol. 25(3).

Democracy, Mining and Development in Latin America
Women and Mining Development
Women and Nuclear Development
Indigenous Women and the Mining Industry in Canada and Latin America
Canadian foreign policy

Lorne  Doig

Toxicology Centre


Nutrient and contaminant status in the wetlands of the Slave River Delta

Doig  L.E., Carr M.K., Meissner A.G.N., Jardine T.D., Jones P.D., Bharadwaj L., Lindenschmidt K-E. 2017. Open-water and under-ice seasonal variations in trace element content and physicochemical associations in fluvial bed sediment. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. DOI: 10.1002/etc.3886

Doig, L.E., North R.L., Hudson J.J., Hewlett C., K.-E. Lindenschmidt and K. Liber. 2016. Phosphorus release from sediments in a river-valley reservoir in the northern Great Plains of North America. Hydrobiologia DOI 10.1007/s10750-016-2977-2

The bioavailability and toxicity of metals, including nanomaterials, in surface waters and sediments; Deriving environmental quality criteria (water, sediment, and tissue-based); Aquatic ecotoxicology; Aquatic paleoecotoxicology (the reconstruction and interpretation of toxicant-induced changes in ecosystems).

James Dosman



Assess, Redress, Re-assess: Addressing Disparities in Sleep Health among First Nations People (CIHR)

Valerie Elliot, Louise Hagel, James A. Dosman, Masud Rana, Josh Lawson, Barbara Marlenga,
Catherine Trask, William Pickett, for Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort Study Team. (2018).
Resilience of farm women working the third shift. J Ag Medicine. 23(1): 70-77.

Sleep medicine
Epidemiology of sleep related disorders
Respiratory and Injury Epidemiology
Public Health of Rural Populations
Agricultural and Rural Environmental Exposures
Knowledge Translation
Community Development

Pamela  Downe

Archaeology & Anthropology

Downe, Pamela J., Sharbach, J., & Waldram, J.B. (In Press). Experiences of disaster and “maternal risk” amidst forest fire evacuation in northern Saskatchewan. Journal of Mother Studies. 

Hatala, A., Erickson, L., Isbister-Bear, O., Calvez, S., Bird-Naytowhow, K., Pearl, T., Wahpaiw, O., Engler-Stringer, R., & Downe, P.J. (In Press). The inter-personal skills of community-engaged scholarship. Journal of Engaged and Community Scholarship.

HIV/AIDS community-based research; Motherhood, maternal care, and maternal health; policy analysis

Roland Dyck



CIHR Team Grant (Community-based primary healthcare) Transformation of Indigenous primary healthcare delivery: Community driven innovations and strategic scale-up toolkits (Co-I: 2013-18).

CIHR Grant-Assess, re-dress, re-assess: Addressing disparities in respiratory health among First Nations people (Collaborator: 2011-16).

Anthropometric Indices of First Nations Children and Youth on First Entry to Manitoba/Saskatchewan Residential Schools - 1919 to 1953. F. J. Paul Hackett, Sylvia Abonyi, Roland F. Dyck. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, Vol. 75, 2016, p. article no. 30734. Study shows First Nations children entering residential school had normal body mass index and height and weight for age, providing evidence that the nutritional state in First Nation communities was reasonable at that time.

Chronic disease, diabetes and its complications (particularly kidney disease) among Indigenous peoples. The intra- and intergenerational impact of diabetic pregnancies on the epidemic of diabetes among Indigenous peoples. Community-based and primary healthcare among Indigenous peoples.

Amin  Elshorbagy

Civil and Geological Engineering


Elshorbagy, A., Lindenas, K., and Hossein, A. 2018. Risk-based Quantification of the Impact of Climate Change on Storm Water Infrastructure. Water Science, 32(1): 102-114.

Elshorbagy, A., Bharath, R.,  Lakhanpal, A., Ceola, S., Montanari, A. and Lindenschmidt, K-E. 2017. Topography- and Nightlight-based National Flood Risk Assessment in Canada. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21: 2219-2232.

WIRA: A platform for Water-­centered Integrated Resource Assessment in Canada (NSERC Discovery)

Water Resources
Watershed Modeling
Hydrologic Prediction
Flood Analysis and Modeling
Machine Learning Techniques
System Dynamics
Climate Change Impacts
Decision Analysis

Rachel  Engler-Stringer

Community Health and Epidemiology


R Engler-Stringer, J Schaefer, T Ridalls, N Muhajarine. (2017). Lessons Learned From a Food Environment Intervention Study: Recruitment and Retention of Participants in Disadvantaged Urban Inner-City Neighborhoods. Health Education and Behavior. Nov 1:10901981177406

Engler-Stringer R, Muhajarine N, Ridalls T, Abonyi S, Vatanparast H, Whiting S, Walker R. The Good Food Junction: A Community-Based Food Intervention to Address Nutritional Health Inequities. Journal of Medical Internet Research: Research Protocols. 2016 Apr 15;5(2):e52. doi:10.2196/resprot.5303.

Food systems and food security
Nutritional health inequities
Community-based and participatory research
Health promotion
School food programs

Tasha  Epp

Large Animal Clinical Sciences

One Health, School of Public Health

2019-2021 - Epp, T., & Woodsworth, J., Candelora, G., Ratt, A., Isbister, H. SPOUT - SCPOR/SHRF. Pets and People in the gap: Identifying perspectives on pets and pet health, working towards community-derived interventions to promote community health in communities under-served by veterinarians in Saskatchewan. 

2016-2019 - Epp, T., & Elkin, B., Shury, T. Wildlife Health Research Fund (WHRF), Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Serologic Comparison of anthrax Exposure in Bison Herds in Northern Canada

modeling West Nile virus in the Canadian Prairies and the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases of companion animals, particularly as it regards northern rural, remote or First Nations communities.
water research as it pertains to First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.
application of spatial epidemiology techniques in a variety of animal disease situations.
risks for dog bites, health-related impacts of dog bites and dog bite prevention or dog population management effects on occurrence of dog bites. As part of the project, the team has developed the Community Dog Workbook, based on years of experience and discussions with many communities struggling with dog populations or dog-related issues.

Alexander  Ervin

Archaeology & Anthropology

Cultural Transformations and Globalization: Theory, Development, and Social Change. New York, NY: Routledge. 2015.; 2012   A Green Coalition Versus Big Uranium: Rhizomal Networks of Advocacy and Environmental Action. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Vol. 23(3): 52-70.; 2012   The Vulnerabilities of Native People in the Mackenzie and Athabasca Drainage Systems: Tar Sands, Gas, and Uranium. In Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change: Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures? Pp. 277-291. Edited By Barbara Rose Johnston et. al. Dordrecht, ND: UNESCO and Springer Publishing.

Climate change, financial collapse of global capitalism, energy crises surrounding hydrocarbon fuel, localization, globalization

Richard  Evitts

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Development and validation of predictive erosion-corrosion CFD model for potash slurries

Corrosion and Fuel Cell Electrochemistry, Heat and Mass Transfer in Granular Fertilizers, Product Quality Issues with Granular Fertilizer

Modelling Localized Corrosion
Particle Technology
Measurement of Protective Film growth and Damage on Metals
Heat and Moisture Transfer in Granular Media
Product Quality of Granular Fertilizers
Fuel Cells

Brett  Fairbairn


Centre for the Study of Co-operatives 

B. Fairbairn and N. Russell, eds., 2014.  Co-operative Canada:  Empowering Communities and Sustainable Businesses. Vancouver:  University of British Columbia Press.  292pp. Peer reviewed. 

 Governance and innovation in non-profit enterprises , Membership, participation, and organizational identity , History of democracy and democratic movements , Co-operatives in the new economy

Jay Famiglietti


Global Institute for Water Security

Miro, M. and J. S. Famiglietti, A framework for quantifying sustainable yield under
California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), Sust. Wat. Resour.

Tapley, B. D., M. M. Watkins, F. Flechtner, C. Reigber, S. Bettadpur, M. Rodell, I. Sasgen, J.
S. Famiglietti, F. W. Landerer, D. P. Chambers, J. T. Reager, A. S. Gardner, H. Save, E. R.
Ivins, S. C. Swenson, C. Boening, C. Dahle, D. N. Wiese, H. Dobslaw, M. E. Tamisiea, I.
Velicogna, Contributions of GRACE to understanding climate change, Nature Climate
Change,, 15 April 2019.

water cycle and freshwater resources impacted by climate change; remote sensing; climate models

Sherif Faried

Electrical and Computer Engineering

U. Karaagac, S.O. Faried, J. Mahseredjian and A. Edris, “Coordinated Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems for Mitigating Subsynchronous Interaction in DFIG-Based Wind Farms,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol. 5, No. 5, September 2014, pp. 2440-2449.

Faried, S.O., Unal, I., Rai, D., and Mahseredjian, J. (2013). Utilizing DFIG-Based Wind Farms for Damping Subsynchronous Resonance in Nearby Turbine-Generators, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 28(1), pp. 452-459.

Power System Dynamics; Power System Analysis; Power System Protection. Enhancement of Power System Dynamics using Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and Renewable Energy

Patricia  Farnese


One Health

Patricia L. Farnese, The Challenge of Discretion in Environmental Regulation: A Wetlands Case Study. In Proceedings from II Congreso Interamericano sobre el Estado de Derecho Ambiental, (Washington, DC: Organization of American States, 2018).

Patricia L. Farnese, The Challenge of Regulating Prions: How the Regulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants Can Provide a Framework for Preventing the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (2018) 81:2 Saskatchewan Law  Review 187

Property law
Animal health
Wildlife law
Environmental law

Richard  Farrell

Soil Science

Amadi, C.C., Van Rees, K.C.J., and Farrell, R.E.  2017.  Greenhouse gas mitigation potential of shelterbelts: Estimating farm-scale emission reductions using the Holos model. Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 97: 353-367.

Karppinen, E.M., Stewart, K.J., Farrell, R.E., and Siciliano, S.D.  2017.  Petroleum hydrocarbon remediation in frozen soil using a meat and bonemeal biochar plus fertilizer. Chemosphere, 173: 330-339.

Environmental agronomy
Quantification & mitigation of soil-derived greenhouse gases
Nutrient cycling & cropping systems

Cindy Feng

School of Public Health

Dankwah, E., Zeng, W., Feng, C.X., Kirychuk, S., Farag, M. (2019). The social determinants of health facility delivery in Ghana. Reproductive health, 16 (1), 101

Li, H., Bowen, A., Bowen, R., Balbuena, L., Feng, C.X., Bally, J., Muhajarine, N. (2019). Mood instability during pregnancy and postpartum: a systematic review. Archives of women's mental health, 1-13

2018-2021 Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute Collaborative Research Team (CANSSI-CRT), Spatial Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Environment and Health

spatial statistics and disease mapping, statistical methods for survival and longitudinal data, environmental and ecological statistics, infectious disease surveillance, functional data analysis

Grant  Ferguson

Civil and Geological Engineering


Ferguson, G. and Grasby, S.E., 2018. Insights into contaminant transport from unconventional oil and gas developments from analog system analysis of methane-bearing thermal springs in the northern Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hydrogeology Journal 26(2): 481-493.

Ferguson, G. and *Ufondu, L., 2017. Geothermal energy potential of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: clues from coproduced and injected water. Environmental Geosciences 24(3): 113-121.

Engineering geology
Groundwater modeling
Geothermal energy
Heat transport in porous media

Leah Ferguson


Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre

 Ferguson, L., Epp, G. B., Wuttunee, K., Dunn, M., McHugh, T.-L., & Humbert, M. L. (2019). “It’s more than just performing well in your sport.  It’s also about being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually”: Indigenous women athletes’ meanings and experiences of flourishing in sport. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 1, 1-19. doi:10.1080/2159676X.2018.1458332

 Journeying Together to Co-Create a Foundation for Indigenous Sport Research
Agency: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Exchange Grant

Sport Psychology
Indigenous Wellness

Maud Ferrari

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

M.C.O. Ferrari, D.T. Warren, M.I. McCormick and D.P. Chivers. 2019. The cost of carryover effects in a changing environment: context-dependent benefits of a behavioural phenotype in a coral reef fish. Animal Behaviour 149: 1-5

M.C.O. Ferrari, G.E. Brown and D.P. Chivers. 2018. Understanding the effects of uncertainty on the development of neophobic antipredator phenotypes. Animal Behaviour 136: 101-106

behavior ecology i.e., predator/prey interaction at cognitive/behavioral/community level - turbidity, ocean acidity, salinity, UV, temperature & climate change; conservation work i.e., sturgeon; fish & amphibians
How biotic and abiotic factors (both natural or from anthropogenic origins) affect predator-prey interactions

Isobel  Findlay

Management and Marketing

Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, CUISR

Findlay, Isobel M, Sana Rachel Sunny, Sugandhi del Canto, Colleen Christopherson-Côté, and Lisa Erickson  Impacting Community Strength and Sustainability: Community-Campus Engagement and Poverty Reduction at Station 20 West Community Enterprise Centre

Isobel M. Findlay, Jania Chilima, Bill Holden, and Abdrahmane Berthe  2018 Point in Time Homelessness Count

communications, cultures, and communities; diversity in the workplace; Aboriginal and associative organizations; partnerships and governance; and corporate social responsibility, performance indicators, and reporting standards

Len Findlay


“’[T]he toil and spoil of translation’: A Godardian Reading of the Study-Guide: Discover Canada: Guide d’étude: Découvrir le Canada.” Forthcoming in Trans/acting Culture, Writing, Memory: Essays in Honour of Barbara Godard. Ed. Henderson, Sowton, and Karpinski. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP. 22pp. typed. Publication confirmed 28 March 2012.

“The Long March to Recognition: Sakej Henderson, First Nations Jurisprudence, and Sui Generis Solidarity.” In Shifting the Ground of Literature in Canada: Nation-State, indigeneity, Culture.  Ed. Robert Zacharias and Smaro Kamboureli. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP, forthcoming.  22pp. typed. Publication confirmed May 20, 2011.

critical theory, disciplinary history and cultural studies, 19th Century European literature and culture, eco-criticism, decolonizing education

Ian  Fleming

Civil and Geological Engineering

Design & Construction Guidance for Composite Geomembrane/Clay Barrier Systems, Mitacs Accelerate Program

geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering; geosynthetics; landfill engineering; waste strength and stability

Terrance  Fonstad

Civil and Geological Engineering

Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence

Waste utilization
Ion exchange in reactive groundwater transport
Environmental protection
Geoenvironmental engineering
Biogas production from anaerobic digestion and gasification

Heather Foulds


Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre

A systematic review and meta-analysis of cardiorespiratory fitness among Indigenous populations in North America and circumpolar Inuit populations. Hedayat LMA, Murchison CC, Foulds HJA. Prev Med. 2018 Apr;109:71-81. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2018.01.007.

Cardiovascular dynamics of Canadian Indigenous peoples.Foulds HJA, Bredin SSD, Warburton DER. Int J Circumpolar Health. 2018 Dec;77(1):1421351. doi: 10.1080/22423982.2017.1421351

Aboriginal Health
Cardiovascular Physiology
Cardiovascular Health across the Menopausal Transition
Exercise Physiology

Graham  Fowler

Art & Art History

Movement and the Transient Illusion of Light - Han Gallery, June 14 - exhibition extended until July 31, 2018. 4109, Rue Ste Catherine Ouest, Westmount, (Montreal), Quebec 

Water and the Impermanence of Surface - Gallery Gevik, May 28 - June 24, 2016, 12 Hazelton Ave. Toronto, Ontario

Nature and landscape in untouched natural states and constructed park sites
Sensation of nature as a subject matter
Social construction of nature
Representation of the aquatic world
Analysis of light and colour

Susan  Fowler-Kerry


Indigenous palliative  care:

Towards an understanding of Indigenous Perspectives on Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Saskatchewan:

pediatric nursing, health policy, pediatric palliative care, pediatric pain, community development, interprofessional, international health

Murray  Fulton


Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

Co-operative Development Partnership, Cooperatives First

 Dairy Policy and Dairy Cooperatives in Germany

behavioural economics, governance, co-operatives and the social economy, agricultural and resource policy

John  Giesy

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

GIWS, Toxicology Centre

Lee, J.-H., S.-J. Hong, B.-O. Kwon, S.-A. Cha, H.-D. Jeong, W.-K.
Chang, J.-S. Ryu, J.P. Giesy and J.-S. Khim. 2018. Integrated
Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances in Sediments from
Masan Bay, South Korea: Comparison between 1998 and
2014. Environ. Pollut. 238: 317-
325. DOI:org/10.1016/j.envpol.2018.02.064

Guo, W.-J., F.-C. Wu, Y. Hu, J.P. Giesy, N. Qin, H. Wang and S.-S. Liu .
2017. Influences of Environmental Factors from 2000 to 2012 on
Biomass of Phytoplankton in Northern Tai Lake, China. Environ.
Monit. Assess. 189:608-618.

Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Aquatic toxicology, Environmental analytical chemistry of organic compounds, Environmental chemistry (Fates of trace substances in aquatic ecosystems)

Graham George

Geological Sciences

Toxicology Centre

O. Ponomarenko, P. F. La Porte, S. P. Singh, G. Langan, D. E. B. Fleming, J. E. Spallholz, M. Alauddin, H. Ahsan, S. Ahmed, J. Gailer, G. N. George and I. J. Pickering. Selenium-mediated arsenic excretion in mammals: a synchrotron-based study of whole-body distribution and tissue-specific chemistry. Metallomics, published online (2017). [DOI]: 10.1039/c7mt00201g

The role of auxin transporters in arsenic transport in plants, Global Innovation Fund

x-ray absorption spectroscopy; computational chemistry of toxic heavy elements; metalloprotein structure and function

Volker  Gerdts


One Health

The African strain of Zika virus causes more severe in utero infection than Asian strain in a porcine fetal transmission model. Udenze D, Trus I, Berube N, Gerdts V, Karniychuk U. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2019;8(1):1098-1107. doi: 10.1080/22221751.2019.1644967

neonatal vaccines for humans and animals, mucosal immunology, vaccine delivery and formulation

Michael  Gertler


SENS, Centre for Study of Co-operatives

Gertler, M., J. Jaffe, and M.A. Beckie. 2018. Duelling Discourses of Sustainability: Neo-Conventional and Organic Farming on the Canadian Prairies. In D. Constance, J. Konefal, and M. Hatanaka (eds), Contested Sustainability Discourses in the Agrifood System. New York and London: Routledge/Earthscan, pp. 162-186.

sociology of agriculture and food
organizational innovations supporting sustainable rural development
agricultural restructuring and diversification
community and co-operative pastures
knowledge politics in co-operatives
labour relations and co-operatives
organic farming
policies and planning for regional development

Supratim Ghosh

Food and Bioproduct Sciences

Development of nutrient-­rich oil-­in-­water nanoemulsions for diarrhoeal disease and associated malnutrition management in developing nations, International Research Partnership Fund

Development of novel healthier plant-based shortening alternative without the presence of saturated and trans fats

Food nanotechnology
Fat crystallization
Encapsulation and delivery systems

Donald  Gilchrist



Regional economic structure , Urban economics , Public economics

Allyson  Glenn

Art & Art History

    Passages, Cultural Foundation of Tinos (Curator, Dr. Catarina Pizanias), Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece:
Passages uses the ‘myth’ as a tool to disseminate topics surrounding land, people, and sustainability.

Myths re-visited through visual arts: Can old stories guide us to a more sustainable society? Global Community Service Fund

portraiture and human form, impressionism, realism and abstract expressionism, humanism, social psychology, and sociology, social intimacy, emotion, isolation, identity

Ramakrishna Gokaraju

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sustainable Energy: Increasing the Hosting Capacity of Renewables Using Small Modular Reactors, NSERC Engage

Karmacharya, Indra Man, Gokaraju, R., “ Fault Location in Ungrounded Photovoltaic System Using Wavelets and ANN,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, pp. 1-10, vol. 33, no. 2, April 2018.

power system protection and control, smart grid applications, and sustainable energy systems

Holly Graham


Gathering for miyo mahcihowin (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being), Research Connections Grant (SK Health Research Foundation)

Indigenous mental health & well-being
Trauma & posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Mental health & well-being

Richard  Gray

Agricultural and Resource Economics


Agricultural international trade
Land use
Risk and production economics
Food safety
Economics of nutrition
Agricultural marketing

Jack  Gray


R.H. Parkinson and J.R. Gray. (2019) Neural conduction, visual motion detection, and insect flight behaviour are disrupted by low doses of imidacloprid and its metabolites. Neurotoxicology. 72:107-113.

neural control of animal behaviour, biologically-inspired algorithms for artificial systems, behavioural and neurophysiological aspects of adaptive insect flight, investigating interactions between an animal's external environment and its nervous system; effects of pesticides on neural function

Philip  Griebel

School of Public Health


Wood ME, Griebel P, Huizenga M, Lockwood S, Hansen C, Potter A, Cashman N, Mapletoft JW, Napper S.  (2018). Accelerated onset of chronic wasting disease in Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus canadensis) vaccinated with a PrPSc-specific vaccine and housed in a prion contaminated environment. Vaccine 36(50), 7737-7743

Developing New Vaccine Strategies for Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (Pink-eye), Agriculture Development Fund

Developmental immunology
Comparative immunology
Mucosal immunology
Innate immunity
Vaccine delivery

Gary Groot

Community Health and Epidemiology

Sâkipakâwin: Assessing the Support Needs for Saskatchewan Indigenous Cancer Patients and their Families: A Multi-Method Study, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation

Oltumo Maasai Project:

Clinical Quality Improvement
Health Services Research
Implementation Science
Indigenous and Health Equity Research
Realist Research
Community-based Research

Huiqing Guo

Mechanical Engineering

Development and evaluation of a liquid desiccant membrane dehumidifier for Canadian greenhouses, Mitacs Accelerate

HVAC, Air quality control, Environment control for agricultural buildings, Air emission and dispersion monitoring and modelling

Xulin Guo

Geography & Planning

Attanayake AU, Xu D, Guo X, Lamb EG, (2018). Long-Term Sand Dune Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Endemic Plant Habitat Extent in the Athabasca Sand Dunes of Northern Saskatchewan, Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.

Development of grassland management plan for Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, SK Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport

remote sensing, climate change, grassland ecology, forest ecology, biogeochemical cycle

Carl Gutwin

Computer Science

P2IRC: Genomic and Physiological Selection for Yield Stability, Global Institute for Food Security

computer-supported cooperative work, interaction techniques, and surface computing.

Paul  Hackett

Geography & Planning

Archaeology & Anthropology; SPHERU

Implementing the "Patient's Charter of Tuberculosis Care" in High Incidence Indigenous Communities and Across Jurisdictional Borders, CIHR and SK Health Research Foundation

history of Aboriginal health, particularly First Nations of Western Canada, changing public health of the Island Lake First Nations of northern Manitoba during the 20th C, diffusion of directly-transmitted, acute infectious diseases, history of tuberculosis among First Nations, impact of cultural change on community health

Lou  Hammond Ketilson

Centre for the Study of Co-operatives


Arctic Co-Operatives Limited: Exploring an Integrated Model of Co-Operative Development

management in co-operatives and other democratic organizations, community development, women in co-operatives, Aboriginal co-op development, and diversity on co-op boards and governance bodies

Jim  Handy


"Food Security, Food Sovereignty: Markets and Dispossession" in Controversies in Science and Technology Vol. 4 (Oxford University Press, 2014)  (with Annette Aurelie Desmarais)

history of application of concepts of "progress" and "development" around the world, justice and community in Guatemala, environmental history in Central America, food sovereignty, cotton cultivation and environmental destruction

John G. Hansen


Hansen, J. G., & Antsanen, R. (2018). What Can Traditional Indigenous Knowledge Teach Us About Changing Our Approach to Human Activity and Environmental Stewardship in Order to Reduce the Severity of Climate Change?. The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 9(3). Retrieved from:
DOI: 10.18584/iipj.2018.9.3.6

Hansen, J. G. , Dim, E. E. (2019). Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous People and the Imperative for a More Inclusive Perspective. The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 10(1) . Retrieved from:
DOI: 10.18584/iipj.2019.10.1.2

Addictions Recovery and Healing
Crime and Society
Indigenous Justice
Indigenous Knowledge
Restorative Justice

Lori Hanson

Community Health and Epidemiology

Hanson L. From reflexivity to collectivity: Challenging the benevolence narrative in Global Health. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 2017 Apr;8(2):e1-e3. Epub 2017 Apr. http;//

Kaplan-Myrth N, Hanson L, Editors. Much Madness, Divinest Sense: Women's Stories of Mental Health and Health Care. Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia: Pottersfield Press; 2017. 224 pages.

Political Economy of Global Health: Critical approaches
Activism and social movements
Nicaragua: The politics of health and crisis
Extractivism and community resistance (Latin America)
Gender and health (including midwifery, gender-based violence, women’s mental health)
Opioid crises: Socio-economic contexts
Alternatives: Activist scholarship; Community-based, participatory, and arts-informed research; Transformative pedagogies; Integrated knowledge translation

John Harding

Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Establishing value/utility of soluble CD163 as a biomarker for predicting PRRS-induced disease severity/resilience in swine herds, Ontario Pork Producers' Marketing Board

Emerging and re-emerging diseases of pigs

Christopher Hawkes

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Effects of Geomechanical Heterogeneity on Wormhole Development during Cold Heavy Oil Production – Phase 1, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Mitacs Accelerate

Rock Mechanics
Petroleum geomechanics
Reservoir mechanics
Carbon sequestration
Site characterization
Wellbore stability
Caprock integrity
Well integrity

Markus  Hecker


Toxicology Centre

Predictive Aquatic Ecotoxicology

EcoToxChip: A toxicogenonomics tool for chemical prioritization and environmental management:,-save-lab-animals.php

Functional Omics of Native Fish Species for Improved Environmental Risk Assessment (NSERC Discovery)

biological effects of environmental stressors, environmental risk assessment, aquatic ecology, fish biology, bioanalytical techniques to assess environmental pollution

Roberta (Bobbi) Helgason

Soil Science

Biological carbon stabilization and destabilization: peering into microbial hot spots to understand soil carbon turnover and terrestrial energy flows (NSERC Discovery)

CARP: Understanding canola root morphology and microbiomes in response to soil phosphorus fertility (Canola Council of Canada)

Soil microbiology
Microbial ecology
Plant root-microbe interactions
Soil organic matter
Soil nutrient cycling
Agricultural management impacts on soil microorganisms

Warren  Helgason

Civil and Geological Engineering


Climate change and water security; Atmospheric boundary layer processes
Energy and mass transport in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Jim  Hendry

Geological Sciences


Impact of mining on the environment, hydrogeology, solute transport in aquifers and aquitards, agro-contaminants, gas chemistry

Aqueous and environmental geochemistry of contaminants in uranium tailings, Characterization of biogeochemical reaction rates in vadose zones, Fate and transport of solutes in aquitards, Sorption controls on the transport of bacteria in saturated porous media, Reactive barrier technologies

Carol  Henry


Global Institute for Food Security

Powered by Pulses: Encouraging the consumption of pulses among children and adolescents through the use of nutrition education strategies and innovative food products

Enhancing Uptake of Food Security Innovation through Improved Pulse Production, Nutrition Educations and Cooperatives (GIFS)

school health - child nutrition, children's literacy and health, adolescent health, community health - consumer literacy and health, food security, food systems - technologies and food service delivery systems, global health - organization of health service workers, international development and partnerships

Janet Hill

Veterinary Microbiology

Zhang, M., Hill, J.E., Godson, D.L., Ngeleka, M., Fernando, C., Huang, Y. 2019. The pulmonary virome, bacteriological and histopathological findings in bovine respiratory disease from western Canada. Transboundary and Emerging Infectious Diseases, In Press (Accepted 2019-11-08)

The impact of lethal rat (Rattus spp.) control techniques on the ecology of climate-driven vector-borne zoonotic pathogens and associated human health risks in urban centres. Infectious Diseases and Climate Change Fund

Molecular microbiology, microbial ecology, infectious disease

Natacha  Hogan

Animal and Poultry Science


EcoToxChip: A Toxicogenonomics Tool for Chemical Prioritization and Environmental Management

Muldoon B and NS Hogan. 2016. Biomarker responses to estrogen and androgen exposure in the brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans: a new bioindicator species for endocrine disrupting compounds. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology and Pharmacology 180:1-10.

toxicology/environmental health
ecotoxicology of contaminants in amphibians and fish
environment-immune interactions in disease susceptibility
strategies for detoxification of animal feed to improve animal health

Carin Holroyd

Political Studies

Green Japan: Science, Technology and Japan's Effort to Promote Green Growth (recommend for publication to the University of Toronto Press Editorial Board)

Mitacs Science Policy Fellowship and will be working with SSHRC and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada on a year long project on the role of social science in promoting the adoption of Clean Technologies.

National innovation systems
Green Growth -- government policies and the promotion of environmental sustainability
Political economy of Japan
Canadian policies for the promotion of international trade, particularly with East Asia
Government policies for northern economic development

Pierre Hucl

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Characterizing canary seed germplasm for Fusarium Blight and enhanced herbicide tolerance (Western Grains Research Foundation)

Genetics and breeding of bread wheat for the short-season areas of Western Canada
Evaluation of alternative wheats and annual canarygrass

Jeff  Hudson



Abirhire, O., K. Hunter, J. M. Davies, X. Guo, D. de Boer and J. Hudson. 2019. An examination of the long-term relationship between hydrologic variables and summer algal biomass in a large Prairie reservoir. Canadian Water Resources Journal. 44:79-89

Doig, L., R. North, J. Hudson, C. Hewlett, K. Lindenschmidt and K. Liber. 2017. Phosphorus release from sediments in a river-valley reservoir in the northern Great Plains of North America. Hydrobiologia 787:323-339.

sensitivity of Lake Diefenbaker to nutrients under a changing climate, effect of climate change/drought on Prairie lake ecosystems, factors that affect the cycling efficiency of elements in food webs, water quality and lake and reservoir management

Christopher  Hyrnkow

Religious Studies

Nothing but a False Sense of Security”: Mapping and Critically Assessing Papal Support for a World Free from Nuclear Weapons, Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2019), pp. 51-81. Available from

“Different Faiths, Common Action”: Religions for Peace’s Multi-Track Diplomacy, International Journal on World Peace, Vol. 25, No. 4 (December 2018), pp. 37-51

Cultural and Social Sustainability, Religion and Ecology, Ecojustice, Peace and Social Justice, Nonviolent Activism, Catholic Social Teaching, Ecological Ethics, Transformative Learning, Catholic Studies, Cross-Cultural Education, Religion and Politics, Green Living

Robert Alexander Innes

Indigenous Studies

Innes, Robert Alexander and Kim Anderson. “’Moose in the Room:’ Indigenous Men and Violence Against Indigenous Women,” in Keetsahnak / Our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Sisters. K. Anderson, M. Campbell and C. Belcourt Eds. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2018.

Innes, Robert Alexander, "Historians and Indigenous Genocide in Saskatchewan." Shekon Neechie: An Indigenous History Site, June 21, 2018

Indigenous masculinities
Contemporary kinship roles and responsibities

Andrew  Ireson


GIWS, Civil and Geological Engineering

Bam, E.K.P., and Ireson, A.M., 2018. Quantifying the wetland water balance: A new isotope-based approach that includes precipitation and infiltration. Journal of Hydrology. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.12.032

Climate change assessment of transboundary basins (NWT Environment and Natural Resources)

modelling flow and transport in the hydrological cycle, collection, analsysis and interpretation methods of integrated hydrological data, hydrological change in northern latitudes, groundwater resource management, groundwater quality and sustainable development of natural resources, integrated hydrological-epidemiological reserach

David  Janz

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences


Pettem CM, Weber LP, *Janz DM, (2017). Cardiac and metabolic effects of dietary selenomethionine exposure in adult zebrafish. Toxicological Sciences, 159: 449-460.

Cattet M, Stenhouse GB, Boulanger J, Janz DM, Kapronczai L, Swenson JE, Zedrosser A, (2018). Can concentrations of steroid hormones in brown bear hair reveal age class? Conservation Physiology 6: 10.1093/conphys/coy001.

development of techniques to determine long term stress in wildlife, endogenous and exogenous factors influencing gonadal development in fish, aquatic ecotoxicology of selenium in native fish species, noninvasive approaches to evaluate effects of environmental stressors

Bonnie Janzen

Community Health and Epidemiology

Janzen B, Karunanayake C, Rennie D et al. (in press). Racial discrimination and depression among on-reserve First Nations people in rural Saskatchewan. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Janzen B, Karunanayake C, Rennie D, et al (2017). Gender Differences in the Association of Individual and Contextual Exposures with Lung Function in a Rural Canadian Population. Lung.195:43-52.

social epidemiology, gender and health, work (paid and unpaid) and health, socioeconomic circumstances and health, rural population health

Tim  Jardine


Evaluating effects of the Husky Energy oil spill on fishes in the North Saskatchewan River (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Can isolated wetlands come to the trophic rescue of surrounding ecosystems? Investigating new pathways for food web connectivity (NSERC Discovery Grant)

river deltas as complex social-ecological systems, contaminant biomagnification in aquatic ecosystems, land-water and river-ocean connectivity, tropical floodplain ecology and hydrology, freshwater food webs, stable isotope analysis in ecology

Emily  Jenkins

Veterinary Microbiology

One Health, School of Public Health,-deadly-parasite-emerging-in-canadas-north.php

Assessing risks of toxoplasmosis in wildlife in the Canadian North (NSERC Discovery)

Detection, characterization, and epidemiological investigation of zoonotic diseases (especially parasitoses), Impact of climate change on ecology of diseases at the interface of public and animal health, Current and emerging risks to food security and safety, especially country food security and safety in Canada's North

Karla  Jessen Williamson

Educational Foundations

2010 “Inuit Ways of Knowing: Cosmocentrism and the Role of Teasing in Child Development” chapter three in Ethological Case Study: Social conflict and the acquisition and expression of conditioned defeat. Cambridge University Press. Co-authored with Laurence J. Kirmayer.,-opportunities-a-dream-world.php

discourses on epistemologies, cross-culturality, multiculturalism, world views - especially Inuit, gender relations, resilience and Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal higher learning, Arctic peoples and governance

Michelle Johnson-Jennings

Indigenous Studies

Global Indigenous Health: Wahkotowina e Osihtahk/Creating Relationships for Indigenous land-based healing

Yappalli Choctaw Road to Health (National Institutes of Health)

Indigenous health psychology
Community engaged research
Indigenous original instructions for health
land-based healing
addiction and obesity prevention
Food Medicine
transformation of historical trauma
decolonizing health

Jill  Johnstone


how disturbance processes may interact with climate change to drive future vegetation dynamics of boreal forest and tundra ecosystems, how changes in disturbance regimes, such as altered fire frequency and severity, likely to influence forest responses to directional climate change, effects of climate warming on plant regeneration and colonization processes after a disturbance has occured, invasion of northern communities by southern species with warming climate, management of human disturbances

Paul  Jones


Ohiozebau, E., Tendler, B., Hill, A., Codling, G., Kelly, E., Giesy, J.P., and Jones, P.D.  2016.  Products of biotransformation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fishes of the Athabasca/Slave river system, Canada.  Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 38(2): 577-591.

Alberta-Northwest Territories Transboundary Fish Monitoring Program: Slave River 2019

analytical and environmental toxicology and chemistry, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, aquatic and wildlife toxicology, ecological risk assessment, human impacts on northern ecosystems and subsistence food resources

Steven Jones

Health Sciences

School of Public Health

Planetary Health Conference: Connecting Food, People and Planet, March 2019. Saskatoon, SK.

Tara Kahan


Aquatic/ice chemistry: Tara Kahan measure reaction rates of organic pollutants associated with the use of fossil fuels, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes) in liquid water and in ice. She also investigates physical and chemical properties of water and ice samples, and relate these properties to pollutant reactivity. This work will improve predictions of pollutant fate in surface waters and snow-covered regions, and may lead to evidence-based policy such as pollutant emission regulations or remediation strategies.

Reactivity at ice surfaces
Fate of pollutants in natural waters
Chemistry at urban surfaces
Indoor chemistry

Rajesh Karki

Electrical and Computer Engineering

S. Bhattarai, R. Karki, P. Piya, 2019. Reliability Modeling of Compressed Air Energy Storage for Adequacy Assessment of Wind Integrated Power System, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, DOI: 10.1049/iet-gtd.2019.0179, online Aug 19, 2019

T. Shrestha, R. Karki, 2018. Quantifying Energy Storage Augmented Capacity Value of Wind Generation in Electricity Market. International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, 2018

Power System Reliability; Power System Analysis

Uladzimir Karniychuk



The African strain of Zika virus causes more severe in utero infection than Asian strain in a porcine fetal transmission model. Udenze D, Trus I, Berube N, Gerdts V, Karniychuk U. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2019;8(1):1098-1107. doi: 10.1080/22221751.2019.1644967

Comparative Analyses of Infection Outcomes in Fetuses Exposed to Pre-Epidemic and Epidemic Zika Virus Strains (SK Health Research Foundation)

Safa Kasap

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Use of Nanotechnology for Waste Water Treatment in Remote Communities by Radioluminescence Generated UV Light from Dispersed Composite Nanoparticles (NSERC Engage)

electronic materials, electrophotography, photodetectors, X-ray image detectors, device modelling, characterization of electrical noise in semiconductor devices and measurement science and technology

Julie Kaye


Sex Work and Peer Supports: Embodying Resistance on the Prairies, SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Critical Criminology
Community Research and Organizing
Harm Reduction; Sex Work
Feminist and Indigenous Feminist Thought
Post-, Anti-, and Settler-Colonialisms
Colonial Gendered Violence
Human Trafficking
Women and Law; Systemic Inequalities

Timothy Kelly


K. Poorkazem, and T. L. Kelly* Improving the stability and decreasing the trap state density of mixed-cation perovskite solar cells through compositional engineering. Sustainable Energy & Fuels. 2018, 2, 1332-1341. [DOI: 10.1039/C8SE00127H]

S. Kundu, and T. L. Kelly* Improving the moisture stability of perovskite solar cells by using PMMA/P3HT based hole-transport layers. Materials Chemistry Frontiers. 2018, 2, 81-89. [DOI: 10.1039/C7QM00396J]

emerging photovoltaic technologies: improving the efficiency and longevity of perovskite solar cells, the synthesis of new organic semiconductors, polymers and dyes, and the development of plasmon-enhanced solar cells through the use of anisotropic metal nanoparticles

Alexandra King


Fayed S, King M, Macklin C, Demeria J, Rabbitskin N, Healy B, Gonzales S, King A. In the eyes of Indigenous people in Canada: exposing the underlying colonial etiology of Hepatitis C and the imperative for trauma – informed care. Canadian Liver Journal. Vol. 1, October 2018.

Decolonizing health and wellness interventions by creating, implementing and evaluating culturally responsive program components with Indigenous women living with HIV and Aging with Wisdom (CIHR Grant)

Indigenous wellness
Land- and culture-based healing and research
Indigenous research ethics
Indigenous people and HIV, HCV and co-infections
Health system and service transformation (peer navigation/support, shared models of care

Malcolm King

Community Health and Epidemiology

Krementz D, Macklin C, Fleming T, Kafeety A, Nicholson V, Laframboise S, King M, King A. Connections with the land: a scoping review on cultural wellness retreats as health interventions for Indigenous peoples living with HIV and/or hepatitis C. ab-Original: Journal of Indigenous Studies and First Nations and First Peoples’ Cultures 2018: 2.1

Indigenous Knowledge Development Centres with a focus on Wellness – miyo-pimâtisiwin

The determinants of Indigenous health and wellness
Health systems research in relation to Indigenous populations
Promotion and monitoring of Indigenous wellness and resilience

Shelley  Kirychuk


One Health, School of Public Health, Nursing, CHEP

Mold as a respiratory risk factor for rural populations, (SK Health Research Foundation)

Epidemiology of rural and agricultural related exposures and respiratory health outcomes, industrial hygiene

J. Diane Knight

Soil Science

Enhancing the long-term sustainability of pulse cultivation using system approaches (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Nitrogen fixing plants in cropping systems
Selection of rhizobial strains for legume species

Leon Kochian


Collaborative Research Sub-Agreement: Prototyping Root System Architecture in Avena: Technologies for Environmental Sustainability and Food Security (NRC)

Qin L, et al. (2019) Adaption of Roots to Nitrogen Deficiency Revealed by 3D Quantification and Proteomic Analysis. Plant Physiol 179(1):329. doi: 10.1104/pp.18.00716.

Plant mineral nutrition
Ion transport
Tolerance and adaptation to soil-based abiotic stresses
Root architecture
Root microbiome

Margaret  Kovach

Educational Foundations

Educational Administration

Indigenous Evaluation Frameworks: Can the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage be a guide for recognizing Indigenous scholarship. M Kovach. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 1177180119887185

COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN INDIGENOUS METHODOLOGIES. 2019. E Fast, M Kovach. Applying Indigenous Research Methods: Storying with Peoples and Communities, 21 

Indigenous curriculum development; Indigenous research methodologies; Indigenous higher learning; distance education; and adult education

Vladimir  Kricsfalusy


Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage

Kricsfalusy, V., Gorge, C., and Reed, M.G.  2018.  Integrating problem- and project-based learning opportunities: assessing outcomes of a field course in environment and sustainability. Environmental Education Research, 1-18. (Published online: 21 Dec 2016).

Conservation biology
Plant population ecology
Vegetation science
Education for sustainable development

Suren  Kulshreshtha

Agricultural and Resource Economics


Suren Kulshreshtha, Charles Grant, Brian Amiro, Kim Ominski, Getahun Legesse and Akilu Alemu. 2017. Economic and greenhouse gas emissions of doubling of forage area in Manitoba, Canada. Canadian Journal of Soil Sciences. Special Issue.

S. N. Kulshreshtha and E. Musaba. 2016. Sustainability Considerations in Biofuel Development in Saskatchewan. In C. A. Brebbia and J. L. Miralles I Garcia (eds.). Environmental Impact. Southampton: WIT Press. [Reprinted in International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. 2016, 11 (2) 128-137].
Suren Kulshreshtha and Amin Elshorbagy (Eds.). Current Perspective on Irrigation and Drainage. Croatia: InTech Publishers.

Greenhouse gas emission mitigation
Drought economic impact assessment
Water resources and irrigation
Water resources and irrigation
Environmental valuation

Randy Kutcher

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Kutcher, H.R., T. K. Turkington, D. L. McLaren, R. B. Irvine, and G. S. Brar. 2018. Fungicide and cultivar management of leaf spot diseases of winter wheat in western Canada. Plant Dis. 102: 1828-1833.

Beres, B, A. Brûlé-Babel, Z. Ye, R. Graf, T.K. Turkington, M. Harding., H.R. Kutcher, and D. Hooker. 2018. Exploring Genotype x Environment x Management synergies to manage fusarium head blight in wheat. Can. J. Plant Pathol. 40: 179-188.

mitigation of cereal and flax diseases using integrated pest management (IPM) solutions
stripe rust and fusarium head blight of wheat
crown rust of oat
pasmo and fusarium wilt of flax

Eric Lamb

Plant Sciences

Grazing patterns of bison vs. cattle in response to management strategies designed to improve habitat for Species at Risk. (Mitacs Accelerate)

Tundra Restoration: Niche construction in early successional plant-soil systems

National Wildlife Area Grassland Recovery Monitoring

Mechanisms structuring plant community diversity and composition
Plant-soil interactions
Plant competition
Methods analyzing ecological data

Simon Lambert

Indigenous Studies

Lambert, S, Nick Waipara; Amanda Black; Melanie Mark-Shadbolt; Waitangi Wood. "Indigenous Biosecurity: Māori Responses to Kauri Dieback and Myrtle Rust in Aotearoa New Zealand." In The Human Dimensions of Forest and Tree Health: Global Perspectives, edited by Urquhart, Julie; Marzano, Mariella; Potter, Clive, 109-137. Basingstoke, United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Lambert, S. "Prince Albert Grand Council and Red Cross align for better emergency management." HazNet: Canadian Risk and Hazards Network 12, 1 (2019): 28-30.

Indigenous Disaster Risk Reduction
Indigenous environmental planning and development
Cultural diplomacy
Indigenous development

Jeffrey  Lane


Sex-specific responses to climate change in a wild hibernator (Alberta Conservation Association)

Lane, J.E., A.G. McAdam, S.E. McFarlane, C.T. Williams, M.M. Humphries, D.W. Coltman, J.C. Gorrell and S. Boutin. 2018. Phenological shifts in North American red squirrels: disentangling the roles of phenotypic plasticity and microevolution. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31: 810-821.

evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology, climate change, mammals, life history

Herbert (Bart) Lardner

Animal and Poultry Science

Performance environmental and economic benefits of biochar supplementation in beef cattle grazing systems (Blue Rock Animal Nutrition)

Beef cattle nutrition
Forage and pasture management
Cost effective heifer development
Effect of maternal nutrition on fetal programming
Management of alternative calving systems
Application of commercially available genomic technology
Nutrient cycling in winter feeding systems
Nutrient management in summer and winter grazing programs
Supplementation strategies for low quality beef cow diets
Water quality for beef cattle

Colin  Laroque

Soil Science


Amichev, B.Y., Bentham, M.J., Kulshreshtha, S.N., Laroque, C.P., Piwowar, J.M., and Van Rees, K.C.J.  2016.  Carbon sequestration and growth of six common tree and shrub shelterbelts in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 97(3): 368-381

tree ring/soil relationships
alpine and northern treed ecosystems
environmental education

Karen Lawson


L Williamson*, S Sangster*, M Bayly*, K Gibson*, M Clark & K Lawson. (2017).  A needs assessment on addressing environmental health issues within reproductive health service provision: Considerations for continuing education and support. Canadian Medical Education Journal, 8(4), e65-73.

Later baby! Psycho-social factors underlying the formation of intentions to delay motherhood (SSHRC Insight Grant)

Reproductive Decision-Making
Sexual Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviours
Psychosocial Implications of Reproductive Technologies
Prejudice and Discrimination towards Persons with Disabilities
Program Evaluation (focus on health programs)

Anne Leis

Community Health and Epidemiology

*Froehlich Chow A, Leis A, Humbert L, Muhajarine N, Engler-Stringer R. Healthy Start-Départ Santé: a pilot study of a multilevel intervention to increase physical activity, fundamental movement skills and healthy eating in rural childcare centres. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2016; 107 (3): e312-18.

Ward S, Belanger M, Donovan D, Vatanparast H, Engler-Stringer R, Leis A, Carrier N. Lunch is ready but not healthy: An analysis of lunches served in childcare centres in two Canadian provinces. Can J Public Health 2017;108 (4):e342–e347. doi: 10.17269/CJPH.108.5688

population health, language, culture and health, integrative oncology, cancer patients and their families' quality of life, health services utilization and self-care, health of francophones living in minority situation, cancer survivorship and chronic disease management, community engagement

Joanne Leow


Water, Sand, Steel, and Glass: Urban Ecologies and Literary Speculations (SSHRC Insight Development Grant)

2017 "Strangers, Surrogates, Lovers: Foreign Domestic Workers in Contemporary Singapore Texts." In A. Poon and A. Whitehead (Eds.), Current Directions in Singapore Literature and Culture: Local and Global Contexts. Oxford, UK: Routledge.

Decolonizing Literatures
Anglophone Asian Literatures and Film
Asian North American Literatures
Postcolonial Theory
Spatial Theory
Urbanism / Cities
Diasporic and Transnational Studies

Yanping  Li



Impact of Climate Change on Wetlands in Prairie Canada (Mitacs, Ducks Unlimited Canada)

Liu, C., Ikeda, K., Rasmussen, R., Barlage, M., Newman, A.J., Prein, A.F., Chen, F., Chen, L., Clark, M., Dai, A., Dudhia, J., Eidhammer, T., Gochis, D., Gutmann, E., Kurkute, S., Li, Y., Thompson, G., and Yates, D.  2017.  Continental-Scale Convection-Permitting Modeling of the Current and Future Climate of North America.  Climate Dynamics, 49(1-2): 71-95.

regional climate modelling, mesoscale dynamics, boundary layer meteorology, air-sea interaction

Karsten  Liber


Toxicology Centre, GIWS

Maloney, E., Morrissey, C., Headley, J., Peru, K., and Liber, K.  2017.  Cumulative toxicity of neonicotinoid insecticide mixtures to Chironomus dilutus under acute exposure scenarios.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 36(11): 3091-3101.

 Effects of sublethal neonicotinoid exposure on the functional expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the aquatic insect, Chironomus dilutus (Mitacs Globalink)

metal bioavailability and toxicity in aquatic ecosystems, mining impacts on aquatic ecosystems, water quality assessments, pesticide ecotoxicology

Karl-Erich  Lindenschmidt



A novel stochastic modelling approach for operational real-time ice-jam flood forecasting
KE Lindenschmidt, P Rokaya, A Das, Z Li, D Richard - Journal of Hydrology, 2019

Climatic effects on ice phenology and ice-jam flooding of the Athabasca River in western Canada
P Rokaya, L Morales-Marín, B Bonsal, H Wheater… - Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2019

surface water quality modelling, river ice processes, climate change and river morphology, flood and flood risk management

Matt  Lindsay

Geological Sciences


Das, S., Lindsay, M.B.J., Hendry, M.J. (2019). Selenate removal by zero-valent iron under anoxic conditions: Effects of nitrate and sulfate. Environmental Earth Sciences 78: 528. doi:10.1007/s12665-019-8538-z [Harvest]

Lindsay, M.B.J., Vessey, C.J., Robertson, J.M. (2019). Mineralogy and geochemistry of oil sands froth treatment tailings: Implications for acid generation and metal(loid) release. Applied Geochemistry 102, 186–196.

Biogeochemistry of oil sands mine closure landscapes
Impacts of mineral transformations on metal(loid) mobility
Probabilistic assessment of groundwater flow and contaminant transport
Modelling of groundwater flow and geochemistry within a framework of probabilistic approaches that allow for representation of uncertainty, the potential for model equifinality in the interpretation of plume data,and analysis of the implications for plumemigration and remediation

Patrick Lloyd-Smith

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Assessing the economic value of restoring the Saskatchewan River Delta (SSHRC Insight)

Are corporate social responsibility and advertising complements or substitutes in producing firm reputation? P Lloyd-Smith, H An. 2019. Applied Economics 51 (21), 2275-2288

Water and resource economics
non-market valuation
consumer behaviour
ecosystem services

Marie  Lovrod

Women's and Gender Studies

ICCC, English, Sociology

York-Bertram, S., Lovrod, M. & Krol, L.(2017) “Decentering Expected Voices and visibilities in a Feminist Transnational Bridging Pilot.” Engaged Scholar Journal,  2(2): 65-83

Lovrod, M. with S. Bustamante & D. Domshy (2016). “Pathways: Community-Engaged Research with Youth Transitioning to Adult In(ter)dependence from Government Care” in Voices from the Prairies Series, #5, Celebrating Child Welfare Transformations: Interdisciplinary Practices, Field Education and Research. Eds. H. Monty Montgomery, Dorothy Badry, Daniel Kikulwe & Don Fuchs. Saskatchewan: University of Regina Press, 211-239.

transnational feminisms, intergenerational trauma and resilience, feminist theory and methods, queer theory and methods, creative methodologies

Gail  MacKay

Curriculum Studies

“Collaboration between a First Nations School and an Urban School to promote Literacy Building and Intercultural Relationships (2016-17)” Action Research Project with Patricia Tastad and Mary Ann Kkailther

(2016). “A Reading of Eekwol’s “Apprentice to the Mystery” as an Expression of Cree Youth’s Cultural Role and Responsibility.” Reprinted in Kimberli Lee, Jeff Burglund and Janis Johnson (Eds). Indigenous Pop. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Indigenous rhetorics, Indigenous languages and literacy, Indigenous literature, visual literacy, Indigenizing the curriculum, culturally revitalizing pedagogy, teacher education, community engagement, teacher collaboration, action research

Geoffrey Maina


Exploring the needs for and developing resources for families affected by addiction in Prince Albert,Saskatchewan (SK Health Research Foundation)

Maina, G., Strudwick, G., Yasmin, L., Boakye, F., Wilton, L., & Nelson, L. R. (2018, January). Characterizing the Structure and Functions of Social Networks of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Ghana, West Africa: Implications for PeerBased HIV Prevention. Journal of Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 29(1), 70-82. DOI: 10.1016/j.jana.2017.07.005 .

 interventions with an emphasis on HIV prevention and care, (i.e., on harm reduction, stigma reduction, and peer interventions, both locally and globally; and on improving clinical and social outcomes for clients and families affected by addiction)

Veronica Makarova


Doukhoborese: documenting and describing an endangered Canadian minority language (SSHRC Insight Grant)

Second/foreign language teaching; Applied Linguistics; ESL/EFL
Sociolinguistics; cross-cultural studies; Discourse Analysis
Phonetics, Speech corpora, whispered speech, emotive speech
Minority language maintenance
Doukhobor Russian language and culture, Russian language and culture

Wanda Martin


Pauly, B., Martin, W., Perkin, K., van Roode, T., Kwan, A., Patterson, T., ... MacDonald, M. (2018). Critical consideration for the practical utility of health equity tools: a concept mapping study. International Journal for Equity in Health, 17(1), 48.

Martin, W., & Vold, L. (2018). Building capacity through urban agriculture: report on the askîy project. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 38(1), 29-35.

public health systems research, food security, health equity, complex adaptive systems

Lawrence  Martz

Geography & Planning

Vice-Dean Faculty Relations, GIWS

digital terrain analysis, watershed modeling

hydrology, geomorphology, hydrological and geomorphological modelling, geography, cartography

Kerry  Mazurek

Civil and Geological Engineering

Co-Investigator, The Healthy River Ecosystem Assessment System (THREATS) for Saskatchewan, Province of Saskatchewan, Grant

fluid mechanics; environmental fluid mechanics; erosion and scour in cohesive soils; erodibility testing; scour below hydraulic structures; drownproofing of hydraulic structures; hydraulic design of water treatment plant reservoirs or clearwells

Joyce McBeth

Geological Sciences

Examination of Arsenic Trioxide Dust Composition and Solubility (University of Waterloo)

Dangeti SR, Roshani B, Rindall B, McBeth JM, Chang W. (2017) Biofiltration field study for cold Fe(II)- and Mn(II)-rich groundwater: accelerated Mn(II) removal kinetics and cold-adapted Mn(II)-oxidizing microbial populations. Water Quality Research Journal. 52: 229-242.  

geomicrobiology, geochemistry, synchrotron tools, mine waste, microbial mats, corrosion, redox transformations, bacteria, environmental microbiology and the cycling of iron, sulfur, toxic metals, and other elements in environments such as mine-impacted environments, uranium mine tailings, oil sands tailings, wastewater, hydrocarbon contaminated sites, constructed wetland treatment systems, salt marshes, and marine sediments

Jeffrey  McDonnell



Green Roof Environment and EngiNeering (GREEN) Facility to develop, improve and test innovative cold region green roof technologies in a controlled environment (WEDC)

Storage, mixing and release of water at the catchment scale (NSERC Discovery)

McDonnell, J.J., J. Evaristo, K. Bladon, J. Buttle, I. Creed, S. Dymond, G. Grant, A.
Iroume, C.R. Jackson, J. Jones, T. Maness, K. McGuire, D. Scott, C. Segura, R. Sidle and
C. Tague. 2018. Water sustainability and watershed storage. Nature-Sustainability, 1:378–
379, DOI: 10.1038/s41893-018-0099-8.

Watershed hydrology, runoff processes and modelling, isotope hydrology, hydrological theory

Marcia  McKenzie

Educational Foundations, SERI


The Influences of Policy Actors on UN Policy Programs on Climate Change Education (SSHRC Insight)

Learning and Teaching Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED): Transition from Early Childhood (ECCE) to Primary and secondary (UNESCO)

Place, environment, and sustainability
Social justice, globalization, critical issues
Educational policy and practice
Youth culture and activism
Social and cultural theory
Participatory forms of education and research
Digital media and education
Methodologies and politics of research

Philip Dunstan McLoughlin


Multi-spectral remote-sensing payload and GPS collars to automate wildlife surveying for conservation and food security (CFI)

Population Dynamics and Critical Habitat of Woodland Caribou in the Boreal Shield of Saskatchewan (ECCC)

Examining forest resilience to changing fire frequency in a fire‐prone region of boreal forest. 2019. SJ Hart, J Henkelman, PD McLoughlin, SE Nielsen, A Truchon‐Savard, ...Global change biology 25 (3), 869-884

Ecology and evolution of the Sable Island horse, the individual-based study of a wild vertebrate that lives free from predation, interspecific competition, and human interference
How horses may be impacting vegetation and biodiversity, including endangered species like Roseate Terns
Individual- and matrix-based models of populations with applications to theory, conservation, and management
Population dynamics and critical habitat of woodland caribou living in the Boreal Shield region of Saskatchewan
Disturbance impacts on caribou habitat and development of geospatial data on vegetation and disturbance for modelling wildlife-habitat relationships
Inter-specific linkspresented by grey seal and seabird inputs ofnitrogen into the terrestrial system to affectplant diversity, forage, and subsequently horse space-use and demography

Kerry  McPhedran

Civil and Geological Engineering


Assessing bioremediation potential for arsenic released from mine waste rock (Mitacs Accelerate)

Assessment of stormwater outfall impacts on the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (NSERC Engage)

Municipal wastewater, Partitioning to organic matter, Stormwater runoff,  Recreational water quality, drinking water

Janet  McVittie

Educational Foundations

The research group is researching in what ways teachers, teacher educators, and informal groups are applying and/or teaching sustainability.; researching the process for building a naturalized space for early learners to learn about First Nations and Metis peoples and about “nature”.  The garden should be an interactive play area, where children will be able to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and creatively.

assessment; sustainability; place-based education; inquiry

Venkatesh  Meda

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Water treatment system design and development; electro-technologies (microwave,UV) including membranes, electro-chemical for waste water treatment; sensing and processing applications;  waste reduction/management; food quality, safety and security; dielectric studies for fingerprinting

Ivar Mendez


T Holt, G Hansen, M Prodanuk, M Bradshaw, V McKinney, R Johnson, N Sari, I Mendez. Remote Presence Robotic Technology Reduces the Need for Pediatric Interfacility Transportation from an Isolated Northern Community. Telemedicine and e-Health. February 2018: DOI: 10.1089/tmj.2017.0211.

Brain repair, robotic neurosurgery and computerized systems of neurosurgical application.; Utilization of remote presence robots for diagnosis and neurosurgery in remote or developing regions.

Paul Mick


P Mick, M Parfyonov, W Wittich, N Phillips, D Guthrie, MK Pichora-Fuller (2018) Associations between sensory loss and social networks, participation, support, and loneliness. Analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (vol 64, pg e33, 2018). Canadian Family Physician 64 (2), 92-92

Hearing and Thinking from Cradle to Grave: Building Capacity for Sensory-Cognitive Research in Saskatchewan (SK Health Research Foundation)

identifying and addressing the health and functional consequences of sensory loss across the lifespan

Dianne  Miller

Educational Foundations

researching faculties of education in Canada to determine in what ways place is considered as a component of teacher education.  This research will provide background information for supporting faculties of education in preparing teachers who will take up sustainability challenges in those places they find themselves teaching.

history of women & education; land- and place-based pedagogies; poetry; history of teaching, school and community gardens, food in schools

Dev Mishra

Finance and Management Science

Hegde, S. & D. Mishra, 2019. Married CEOs and corporate social responsibility. Journal of
Corporate Finance, Forthcoming (Accepted May 2019).

Mishra, D., 2017. Post-Innovation CSR Performance and Market Value. Journal of Business Ethics
140, 285–306.

corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, ownership structures, CEO Ability, mergers & acquisitions, implied cost of capital,  corporate innovations, corporate risk taking and international corporate finance

Vikram  Misra

Veterinary Microbiology

One Health

Davy CM, Donaldson ME, Willis CKR, Saville BJ, McGuire LP, Mayberry H, Wilcox A, Wibbelt G, Misra V, Kyle CJ. Environmentally persistent pathogens present unique challenges for studies of host-pathogen interactions, Reply to Field. Ecol Evol. 2018 May 8;8(11):5238-5241. doi: 10.1002/ece3.4035.

Canadian bats and their viruses: From benevolent relationships to spillover to other species (NSERC Discovery)

emerging viral diseases in bats and humans;  molecular mechanisms by which herpesviruses cause infections and disease, One Health

Matthew Mitchell

Political Studies

"The Far North Act in Ontario, Canada: A Sons of the Soil Conflict in the Making?" (with Isabelle Côté), Commonwealth & Comparative Politics 56 (2): 137-156 (2018).

"Indigenous Peoples, UNDRIP and Land Conflict: An African Perspective" (with Davis Yuzdepski), The International Journal of Human Rights 23 (8): 1356-1377 (2019).

African politics
global indigenous politics
land tenure reform
migration and conflict
natural resources and governance
political violence

Mohamed  Mohamed



Understanding and managing the re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Knowledge gaps and research priorities. September 2019. Freshwater science. Mohamed MohamedChristopher WellenChris Thomas Parsons[...]Gordon Douglas Haffner

Long-term decline in stream total phosphorus concentrations: A pervasive pattern in all watershed types in Ontario. July 2017. Journal of Great Lakes Research. Katie StammlerWilliam David Taylor Mohamed Mohamed. DOI: 10.1016/j.jglr.2017.07.005

Oil sands process water remediation, Sequestration of agrochemicals from environmental waters, Removal of organic pollutants from aqueous media

Tim  Molnar

Curriculum Studies

transformative/ meaningful learning in science education; nature of science, philosophies of place & nature; ethics & responsibility; teacher education

Debajyoti Mondal

Computer Science

Visual Analytics to Generate Actionable Insights from Massive Public Transport Data (NSERC Engage)

Information visualization, visual analytics of big data, interactive visualization.
 Graph drawing, network analysis and visualization.
 Computational geometry, algorithms and complexity.
 Interdisciplinary research that integrates visualization into various contexts such as hydrological modelling, social networks, software analysis, bioinformatics, and network routing.

Melanie Morrison


Morrison, M. A., Bishop, C. J., & Morrison, T. G. (2018). What is the best measure of discrimination against trans people?: A systematic review of the psychometric literature.  Psychology & Sexuality,  9(3), 269-287. [  PDF]

Morrison, T.G., Bishop, CJ., Morrison, M.A., & Parker-Taneo, K. (2016). A psychometric review of measures assessing discrimination against sexual minorities. Journal of Homosexuality, 63, 1086-1126.

stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination/bias, inequalities, diversity and marginalized social groups, psychological wellness, social justice

Christy  Morrissey



Tools and strategies for mitigating pesticide impacts on wetlands to improve sustainable crop production (Agriculture Development Fund)

Conserving Nature - Canadian Prairie Agroecosystem Resilience Network (ECCC)

Maloney, E., Liber, K, Headley, JH, Peru, KM, C.A. Morrissey* (2018). Neonicotinoid insecticide mixtures: evaluation of laboratory-based toxicity predictions under semi-controlled field conditions. Environmental Pollution 243:1727-1739.

avian ecology and wildlife ecotoxicology, effect of pollution stressors on insects, birds and aquatic systems, understanding effects of chemicals on whole life cycle of birds, freshwater ecology and pollution

Haizhen Mou


Guoxing Zhang, Nana Deng, Haizhen Mou, Zhe George Zhang, Xiaofeng Chen. 2019. “The impact of the policy and behavior of public participation on environmental governance performance: Empirical analysis based on provincial panel data in China.” Energy Policy 129: 1347 – 1354.

Fiscal Governance in the Canadian Provinces (SSHRC Insight)

Fiscal policy
Health policy

Nazeem Muhajarine

Community Health and Epidemiology


CHUM: Environment and Health INTERACT: INTErventions, Research and Action in Cities Team

Rachel Engler-Stringer R, Schaefer J, Ridalls T, Muhajarine N. Lessons Learned From a Food Environment Intervention Study: Recruitment and Retention of Participants in Disadvantaged Urban Inner-City Neighborhoods. Health Education & Behavior 2017;Nov 16

Muhajarine N, Abeykoon H*, Froehlich Chow A*, Sari N. Cost effectiveness of community-based interventions in institutional settings to increase physical activity and improve healthy eating among pre- and primary-school children: A systematic review. Submitted to Reseau, Saskatoon, SK.

Social epidemiology
Population health intervention
Maternal and child health
Health and place
Community-university research collaborations

Timothy Mutsvangwa

Animal and Poultry Science

The Molecular Regulation of Urea­Nitrogen Salvaging in Ruminants (NSERC Discovery)

Ruminant nutrition and metabolism
Transition cow metabolism
Manipulation of milk composition

David  Natcher

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Indigenous Land Management Institute, SENS, GIFS, Archaeology & Anthropology

Rose Olfert and David C. Natcher, 2016. Adaptation in a Resource-Based Economy in the Northern Great Plains. Great Plains Research 26: 35-49.

Bridging Knowledge Systems: Community-Led Fish Health Monitoring (Govt of Alberta Environment and Parks)

food security, aboriginal land and resource management, economic anthropology, political ecology, social forestry, common-property theory

Mehdi  Nemati

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Yi Zhou, Nemati, M. (2018) Treatment of waters contaminated by phenol and cresols in circulating packed-bed bioreactors-Biodegradation and toxicity evaluations. Water, Air & Soil Pollution. Available online at:

Engineered permeable bio-barriers for protection of ground and surface wters from agricultural and livestock run off (Agriculture Development Fund)

Environmental Bioengineering
Biochemical Engineering
Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Napthenic Acids
Oil Sand Tailing
Sulfur and Nitrogenous Pollutants
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Cordell Neudorf

Community Health and Epidemiology

Guyon A', Hancock T, Kirk M, MacDonald M, Neudorf C, Sutcliffe P, Talbot J, Watson-Creed G. The Weakening of Public Health:A threat to population health and health care system sustainability. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2017 Apr;108(1):e1-e6. Epub 2017 Apr.

Williams-Roberts H, Beckwell E, Murphy L, Lafontaine T, Neudorf C. Acceptability of asking about indigenous identity in an urban Canadian hospital: A patient perspective. Diversity and Equality in Health and Care. 2018 Sep;15(5):207-214.

Baseline measurements and trends over time of health inequities in Saskatchewan with comparative data from other parts of Canada and internationally.
Health equity audits and quality improvement interventions to improve equity in various parts of the health system such as immunization coverage, chronic disease management and prevention, and primary data collection on the social determinants of health in all parts of the health system to monitor inequities, set health service delivery improvement targets and improve the determinants of health themselves.
"Connecting to care” projects to bring the right mix of intersectoral services to people who are frequent users of support services to improve their determinants of health and appropriateness of care.

Aloysius  Newenham-Kahindi

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Developing reputation in emerging economies: the case of FDIs and MNEs in the East African Community (SSHRC Insight Development)

Sustainable development, where I use stakeholder theory to investigate the nature of cross-sector social collaboration, capacity-building (along with subsidiary human resources/employees), learning organizational and cognitive imprinting effects in international management, and their implication for MNEs' performance in subsidiaries.

Dwight Newman


Stage 1: Legal Reforms for Indigenous Economic Growth (LRIEG) (SSHRC Partnership Grant)

“Litigation Concerning Consultation with Indigenous Communities in Nunavut, Canada” (2016) 4 Current Developments in Arctic Law 17.

Aboriginal law and indigenous peoples’ rights
Constitutional law
Legal theory
Private international law

Sarah Nickel

Indigenous Studies

Nickel, S.A. and Emily Snyder, "Indigenous Feminisms in Canada," The Canadian Encyclopedia, 15 January 2019.

Nickel, S.A. (PI), (2017-2019). Auxiliary Organizations and Indigenous “Mothers of the Nation”: Gender, Politics, and Place in Canada’s West. (SSHRC Insight Development Grant).

indigenous history, indigenous politics, gender, indigenous feminism, community research, oral history, ethnohistory, Western Canada

Mike Nickerson

Food and Bioproduct Sciences

CAP Pulse Science Cluster: Processing strategies for commercially-ready pulse ingredients

Canadian Agri-food Protein Training, Utilization, and Research Enhancement (CAPTURE)

Food proteins
Food chemistry
Encapsulation and controlled delivery
Pulses, cereals and oilseeds

Catherine  Niu

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Biosorption in Effective Separation of Targeted Species from Multi-Component Systems (NSERC Discovery)

adsorption modelling, biosorption, water/wastewater treatment, adsoprtion kinetics and equilibrium

Som Niyogi


Y. Saibu, A. Jamwal, R. Feng, D. Peak, S. Niyogi. 2018. Distribution and speciation of zinc in the gills of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during acute waterborne zinc exposure: Interactions with cadmium or copper. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C 206-207, 23-31.

M. Naderi, A. Salahinejad, M. Ferrari, S. Niyogi, D.P. Chivers. 2018. Dopaminergic dysregulation and impaired associative learning behavior in zebrafish during chronic dietary exposure to selenium. Environmental Pollution 237, 174-185.

Physiological and molecular mechanisms of metal uptake, metabolism and toxicity in aquatic animals, development and validation of approaches/tools for risk assessments of metals in the aquatic ecosystems, assessment of population level effects of industrial metal pollution

Bram  Noble

Geography & Planning


Ecosystem services-based regional strategic environmental assessment: Framework development and a model application for Saskatoon’s Northeast Swale (ECCC)

Knowledge-based Impact Assessment for Renewable Energy Transition (SSHRC Insight Grant)

Cronmiller J, Noble BF. 2018. Integrating environmental monitoring with cumulative effects management and decision making. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Environmental impact assessment
Environmental policy and management
Mineral and energy resources
Cumulative effects assessment
Watershed planning and management
Renewable energy / energy transition

James Nolan

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Green Shipping: Governance and Innovation for a Sustainable Maritime Supply Chain

Regulatory economics
Computational economics
Transportation policy
Regional and urban economics

Megan O'Connell


Validation of the Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment Tool (CICA)

O’Connell, M. E., Scerbe, A., Wiley, K., Gould, B., Carter, J., Bourassa, C., Morgan, D. Jacklin, K., & Warry, W. (2018). Anticipated needs and worries about maintaining independence of rural/remote older adults: Opportunities for technology development in the context of the double digital divide. Gerontechnology, 17(3), 126-136.

Alzheimer Disease
Frontotemporal Dementia
Caregiver support

Janet  Okoko

Educational Administration

Okoko, J.M. (2019). Towards school leadership development: The Essence of working with culturally and linguistically diverse Newcomers Families in Saskatoon. Research in Educational Administration & Leadership, 4(2), 196-229.

School Leadership Preparation and Development
Organizational Theory
Educational Research and Program Evaluation
Immigrants and Minority Education
Socially Empowered Learning

Sarah Oosman

School of Physical Therapy

Oosman, S., Abonyi, S., Jeffery, B., Bacsu, J., Martz, D., Durocher, L., Johnson, S. (2013). Healthy Aging in Place: Île-à-la-Crosse Environmental Scan. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit

CIHR Grant: Aging well in a northern Saskatchewan Metis community (Co-PI: 2014-2019).

aboriginal health, intervention research, culture-based and culturally relevant research, community-based participatory action research, health promotion, mixed research methods, population health, obesity prevention, Type 2 diabetes, chronic conditions, intergenerational and interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion

Paul  Orlowski

Educational Foundations

Orlowski, P. & Sfeir, G. (Accepted). Global problems require a global-minded citizenry – The case for teaching global citizenship in social studies. In L. Kornelsen, G. Balzer, & K. Magro (Eds.), Teaching Global Citizenship: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.

poverty; racism; media; democracy; social justice

Yuanming Pan

Geological Sciences

Synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopic study of thorium in ilmenite and titanium slag: towards green mineral processing

Mineral physics
Environmental geochemistry
Mineral spectroscopy
Mineral deposits
Green technology
Mineral-inspired materials

Simon Papalexiou

Civil and Geological Engineering


Papalexiou, S.M., 2018. Unified theory for stochastic modelling of hydroclimatic processes: Preserving marginal distributions, correlation structures, and intermittency. Advances in Water Resources 115, 234-252.

Advancing stochastic modeling and diagnostics of change for hydroclimatic processes and extremes (NSERC Discovery)

Stochastic modelling of hydroclimatic processes
Statistics of extremes
Climate change diagnostics
Hydroclimatic variability
Big-data analysis

Robert  Patrick

Geography & Planning


Patrick, R.. "Social and cultural impacts of the 2013 Bow River flood at Siksika Nation, Alberta, Canada.." Indigenous Policy Journal 28, 3 (2017).

Integrating community-based participatory research into source water protection planning: A case study at Onion Lake Cree Nation, SK (SSHRC Explore)

source water protection planning, watershed planning, First Nations access to safe drinking water, water policy and governance, urban water issues, regional planning, integrated water resource planning

Bill Patterson

Geological Sciences

Bird and bat behavior
Climate change
Evolution and extinction

Derek Peak

Soil Science

Optimizing Hydrochars as a Hydrocarbon Remediation Amendment (NSERC)

Saibu, Y., Jamwal, A., Feng, R., Peak, D., and Niyogi, S.  2018.  Distribution and speciation of zinc in the gills of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during acute waterborne zinc exposure: Interactions with cadmium or copper.  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology, 206-207: 23-31.

Ouattara, B., Taonda, S.J.B., Traore, A., Serme, I., Lompo, F., Peak, D., Sedogo, M.P., and Bationo, A.  2018.  Use of a warrantage system to face rural poverty and hunger in the semi-arid area of Burkina Faso.  Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, 10(2): 55-63.

soil chemistry
synchrotron science
chemical speciation
inorganic environmental chemistry
contaminant fate in soils

Soledade Pedras


Discovering Sustainable Plant Disease Treatments: In our group we are using bioorganic, biochemical and biological techniques to understand economically important diseases of crucifers, namelyoilseeds such as canola, rapeseed, and mustard, vegetables such asrutabaga, broccoli, and turnip, and condiments such as radish andwasabi. In addition, a particular effort to discover wild species displaying unique defense pathways is underway. We are focusing on the interactions of these plants with significant fungal pathogens such as blackleg, black spot, root rot, stem rot, grey mould and white rust

discovery of novel plant defences and their biosynthetic pathways, detoxification of plant defences by plant pathogens, chemical synthesis and biological activity of plant metabolites, design and synthesis of paldoxins, discovery of phytotoxins produced by plant pathogens

Jian Peng

Civil and Geological Engineering

Water/ Wastewater treatment
Environmental modelling
Gas transfer

Pammla Petrucka


Seeking Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Products and Policies (ACU)

Petrucka P (Principal Investigator), Makongoro E (Co­principal Investigator), Meyer D (Co-investigator), Molutu D (Collaborator). Agri-Health Cooperative for Traditional Birth Attendants in Olbalbal, TZ, This project will work with the local traditional birth attendance on an entrepreneurial model to provide healthier foods for pregnant women while sustaining an agriculture project. Grand Challenges Canada.

Vulnerable populations
Global health
Indigenous Peoples' health
Maternal / child health
Youth/Street youth wellness

Peter  Phillips


BPBE, Economics

2013-17    Co-applicant, NSERC CREATE for Protecting the health of Canadians: Integrated Training Program in Infectious Disease, Food Safety and Public Policy

Science, technology and innovation policy , International political economy , Regulation, governance and trade policy , Decision making theory and behavioural experimentation

Ingrid  Pickering

Geological Sciences


R. D. Foust, A.-M. Bauer, M. Costanza-Robinson, D. W. Blinn, R. C. Prince, I. J. Pickering and G. N. George. Arsenic transfer and biotransformation in a fully characterized freshwater food web. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 306(2), 558-565 (2016). [DOI]

 O. Ponomarenko, P. F. La Porte, S. P. Singh, G. Langan, D. E. B. Fleming, J. E. Spallholz, M. Alauddin, H. Ahsan, S. Ahmed, J. Gailer, G. N. George and I. J. Pickering. Selenium-mediated arsenic excretion in mammals: a synchrotron-based study of whole-body distribution and tissue-specific chemistry. Metallomics, published online (2017). [DOI]: 10.1039/c7mt00201g

metals and metalloids transformation in the environment, identification of toxicologically significant compounds in vivo, new synchrotron radiation techniques

Greg  Poelzer

International Centre for Northern Governance and Development


Saskatchewan Indigenous communities and rural municipalities and their development, together with their roles in renewable energy policies, processes, ownership and production (SARM, FNPA)

Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security (CASES) Partnership

comparative politics and policy of northern circumpolar regions and Aboriginal-state relations, sustainable development in the north

John  Pomeroy

Geography & Planning

Centre for Hydrology, Global Water Futures

Krogh S*, Pomeroy J, (2019). Impact of future climate and vegetation on the hydrology of an Arctic headwater basin at the tundra-taiga transition, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 20: 197-215. DOI: 10.1175/JHM-D-18-0187.1

Autonomous and Airborne Cold Regions Innovation Facility (AACRI) (CFI)

Diagnosis of Historical and Future Flow Regimes of the Bow River at Calgary - Using a Dynamically Downscaled Climate Model and a Physically Based Land Surface Hydrological Model (NRCan)

Hydrological processes and modelling in mountain, prairie and arctic environments; Climate change, hydrology and water resources; Snow chemistry and ecology; Droughts in the Canadian Prairies; Cold regions hydrometeorological modelling and surface-atmosphere feedbacks

Monica  Sarghie

Management and Marketing

Popa, Monica and John Pracejus (2013), “Empathy, Guilt, and Distributive Justice: Understanding Consumers’ Intentions to Buy Fair Trade Products,” International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM) Conference Proceedings.

situational influences on consumer behavior, social marketing, nonprofits, cause-related marketing, Fair Trade, helping behaviors, the interplay of emotions and cognition, communications and linguistics

Jennifer Poudrier


Jennifer M. Shea, Jennifer Poudrier, Karen Chad, Bonnie Jeffery, Roanne Thomas, Kimberly Burnouf, "In their own words: First Nations girls' resilience as reflected through their understandings of health", Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health, 11(1), 1-15, 2013

Iskewewak Miwayawak: Women Feeling Healthy - Cultural and Visual Context of Healthy Body Weight and Body Image among Aboriginal Women in the Battlefords Tribal Council Region

photovoice and body image perceptions, knowledge exchange through artwork, indigenous knowledge, indigenous health

Curtis Pozniak

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

4DWheat: Diversity, Discovery, Design, and Delivery (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, NRC, Genome Prairie)

E. Perez-Lara, K. Semagn, V. Anh Tran, I.a Ciechanowska, H. Chen, M. Iqbal, A. N’Diaye, C. J. Pozniak, S. E. Strelkov, P. J. Hucl, R. J. Graf, H. Randhawa, and D. Spaner. 2017.  Population Structure and Genomewide Association Analysis of Resistance to Disease and Insensitivity to Ptr Toxins in Canadian Spring Wheat Using 90K SNP Array.  Crop Science.  DOI: 10.2135/cropsci2016.10.0859

Production and management of durum and high yielding wheat

Sean Prager

Plant Sciences

S.M. Prager, G Kund, and J. T. Trumble. (2016) IPM guidelines for the management of potato psyllids, a pest of numerous solanaceous vegetable crops in California. California Agriculture 70(2):  89-95

Memorandum of Agreement for a Cooperative Investigation for project: Diversity and Abundance of Beneficial Insects in Canadian Prairie Agroecosystems (DUC)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Vector Biology
Pest Control
Insect Ecology

Elizabeth Quinlan


Sexual Violence at Canadian Universities:
Activism, Institutional Responses,
and Strategies for Change
Wilfrid Laurier University Press (2017)
Editors: Elizabeth Quinlan, Andrea Quinlan, Curtis Fogel, Gail Taylor

sociology of work;  gendered labour markets and work organization;  labour history;  workplace harassment;  campus-based sexual violence;

Louise Racine


Indigenous Palliative Care in Saskatchewan: Exploring Access, Needs, and Challenges (SK Health Research Foundation)

Therapeutic Landscapes in Downtown Saskatoon's Neighbourhoods: Exploring Indigenous Perspectives (President's SSHRC Fund)

Racine, L. (2018). Case study: Internationally educated nurses working in a Canadian healthcare setting. In M. Douglas, D. Pacquiao, & L. Purnell. (Eds.), Global applications of culturally competent health care: Guidelines for practice. (pp. 287-292). New York, NY: Springer.

Immigrant and refugee health across the lifespan
Cultural safety and marginalized populations
Family caregiving
Health care services
Nursing philosophy

Jeremy  Rayner



Monitoring and Evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic: An Activities Approach (OVPR)

Global forest governance
Resource, environmental and energy policies
Policy theory (especially institutionalism and problems of policy change)

Saman  Razavi



Application of an advanced hydrology-land surface model for improved prediction of Bow River Flows (NSERC Engage)

Razavi, S., and Gupta, H.V.  2016.  A new framework for comprehensive, robust, and efficient global sensitivity analysis: I. Theory.  Water Resources Research, 52(1): 423-439.

hydrologic models development and calibration; environmental and water resources systems planning and management; climate change and impacts on hydrology and water resources, reconstruction of paleo-hydrology, single and multi-objective optimization, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification

Martin Reaney

Plant Sciences

Shim, YY, K Falk, K Ratanapariyanuch, MJT Reaney (2017) Food and fuel from grains: biorefinery production may optimize both resources. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. 119, 1600358, 1–5.

Electrostatic Conditioning of Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel (NSERC Discovery)

Biodiesel production from canola oil

Maureen  Reed



UNESCO Chair in Biocultural Diversity, Sustainability, Reconciliation, and Renewal

Examination of how Individuals and Communities Respond to Climate-Related Extremes

Boakye-Danquah, J., Reed, M.G., 2019. The participation of non-industrial private forest owners in forest certification programs: the role and effectiveness of intermediary organisations. Forest Policy and Economics. 100: 154-163.

Reed, M.G., and Price, M. 2019 In Press. (eds.) UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Supporting Biocultural Diversity, Sustainability and Society. Earthscan/Routledge

environmental governance, sustainability science, practices of conservation, sustainability of rural communities, feminist and gender-based analysis, social dimensions of climate change adaptation and resilience, model forests, biosphere reserves, national parks

Gabriel Ribeiro

Animal and Poultry Science

Terry, S. A., G. O. Ribeiro, R. J. Gruninger, A. V. Chaves, K. A. Beauchemin, E. Okine, T. A. McAllister. 2019. A pine enhanced biochar does not decrease enteric ch4 emissions, but alters the rumen microbiota. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 6:308.

Ribeiro G. O., A. Badhan, J. Huang, K. A. Beauchemin, W. Yang, Y. Wang, A. Tsang, T. A.  McAllister. 2018. New recombinant fibrolytic enzymes for improved in vitro ruminal fiber degradability of barley straw. Journal of Animal Science, 96:3928–3942.      

Ruminant nutrition
Ruminal fermentation
Sustainable beef cattle production

James Robson


Knowledge Mobilization on the Future of Forest Work and Communities (SSHRC Connection)

Strategies for Building Inclusivity in Mexican Forest Commons (SSHRC Insight Development)

J.P. Robson, D. Klooster, and J. Hernández-Díaz. 2018. Communities Surviving Migration: Village Governance, Environment, and Cultural Survival in Indigenous Mexico. Abingdon, UK: Routledge/Earthscan.

Environmental governance through collective action
Tracking and explaining change in commons regimes
The migration-environment-development nexus
Local approaches to biodiversity conservation

Wendy Roy


Women of the Apocalypse: Writing the End of the World in Canada (SSHRC Insight)

The Next Instalment: Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, forthcoming fall 2019. pp. 440.

Canadian literature
Apocalyptic and dystopian fiction by Canadian women
Serials, sequels, and adaptations
Fiction and travel writing by Canadian women writers
Popular and middlebrow cultural studies

Joseph  Rubin

Veterinary Microbiology

Epidemiological and genomic characterization of community-acquired Clostridium difficile infections. 2019. BMC Infectious Diseases
By:Thornton, CS (Thornton, Christina S.)[ 1,2 ] ; Rubin, JE (Rubin, Joseph E.)[ 3,4 ] ; Greninger, AL (Greninger, Alexander L.)[ 5,7 ] ; Peirano, G (Peirano, Gisele)[ 3 ] ; Chiu, CY (Chiu, Charles Y.)[ 5,8 ] ; Pillai, DR (Pillai, Dylan R.)

molecular epidemiology and DNA fingerprinting, zoonotic disease and interspecies transmission of antibiotic resistant organisms, antimicrobial resistance surveillance and epidemiology in humans, companion animals, food animals and wildlife

Jeff Schoenau

Soil Science

Precision Cattle Manure Management For Agronomic and Environmental Benefit at the U of S Beef Cattle Research Unit (Ag Development Fund)

Nutrient cycling and management
soil fertility and fertilizers
soil conservation and land use
cropping systems
herbicide fate and interaction in soil

Yolande Seddon

Large Animal Clinical Sciences

The effect of environmental enrichment on the immune response and measures of disease resilience and welfare in pigs. (Govt of Alberta)

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Swine Welfare

Swine behaviour and welfare

Priscilla Settee

Indigenous Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

Wahkohtowin- Inside on the Outside, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network

indigenous foods, indigenous politics, social economies in indigenous communities, indigenous knowledge systems, protection of biodiversity, impact of globalization on indigenous peoples, indigenous women's rights, food sovereignty

Susan  Shantz

Art & Art History

sculptural forms exploring ways of knowing, ritual and gesture, ways in which art becomes a cultural performance, free-form modelling, 3D printing and sculpture

Tim  Sharbel


apomixis in plants, seed and developmental biology, crop breeding techniques to enhance food security

Steve Shirtliffe

Plant Sciences

CAP Organic Science Cluster: Optimizing yield, resilience of organically grown milling oat

CAP Organic Science Cluster: Optimizing tillage, competitive green manures for Canada thistle control

Developing Novel Technologies for Controlling Herbicide Resistant Wild Oat in Wheat

sustainable systems, agronomy, weed management, field crops, organic production systems, crop protection, plant ecology

Kevin  Shook

Centre for Hydrology


SGI Canada Prairie Hydrometerology Program, Drought Research Initiative

snowmelt modelling, fractal analysis of hydrological phenomena, flood modelling, extreme events analysis, prairie hydrometeorology, hydrological modelling, including aspects of drought, rainfall, flooding, and water supply under recent, current and future climate scenarios.

Bing  Si

Soil Sciences


Ecohydrology of deep soil in water-limited environments (NSERC Discovery)

Soil water dynamics
Thermal regimes in non-level landscapes
Hydrophobicity of soil materials
Soil water storage capacity

Steven  Siciliano

Soil Science

Quantifying plant-mineral-microbe ecosystem services in the Arctic using Positron Emission Tomography (NSERC Discovery)

Permafrost and ecological change in the eastern Selwyn/western Mackenzie Mountains (Aurora Research Institute)

ecotoxicology, innovative treatment technologies, risk assessment, oilsands reclamation, remediation, restoration

Elemir Simko

Veterinary Pathology

Comparison of the effects of antibiotics, probiotics, and prebiotics on the diversity of intestinal microbiomes and express of immune genes in honey bees infected with Nosema (SK Beekeepers Development Commission)

Toxicopathological Determination of Safe Dose Ranges of Neonicotinoids for Honey Bee Colonies (Mitacs)

  honey bee health and sustainability of agriculture

Carey Simonson

Mechanical Engineering

Heat and Moisture Exchangers for Energy Efficient Buildings: Fouling, Frosting and Sorption (NSERC Discovery)

Moisture transfer in buildings
Air-to-air energy recovery
Heat and mass transfer in porous media
Frosting and fouling of heat exchangers

Tristan Skolrud

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Measuring Environmental Externalities in Canadian Agriculture (Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute)

The Unintended Consequences of Ethanol: Fuel Market Competitiveness and Climate Change (U of Manitoba)

Skolrud, T. D. and G. I. Galinato. 2017. “Welfare Implications of the Renewable Fuel Standard with an Integrated Tax-Subsidy Policy” Energy Economics 62: 291-301.

Production and productivity analysis
Natural resource and environmental economics
Applied econometrics

Peter Slade

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Consumer Preferences for Non-Dairy Milks (President's SSHRC Fund)

Slade, P.  2018.  If you build it, will they eat it? Consumer preferences for plant-based and cultured meat burgers.  Appetite, 125: 428-437.

Nielsen Data Extract License Agreement - Consumer demand for livestock alternatives

Agricultural policy
Industrial organization
Productivity analysis
Social economics

Emily Snyder

Indigenous Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

Snyder, Emily (2019). Challenges in Gendering Indigenous Legal Education: Insights from Professors Teaching about Indigenous Laws. Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 34(1), 33-53.

Deconstructing Representations of Indigeneity, Sexuality, and Law in HIV Non-Disclosure Cases (SSHRC Explore)

Snyder, Emily (2018). Gender, Power, and Representations of Cree Law. UBC Press.

Feminisms (Indigenous feminisms, feminist legal studies)
Indigenous laws and legal issues
HIV non-disclosure and criminalization
Sexuality and the law
Gendered violence
Legal education

Haithem Soliman

Civil and Geological Engineering

Performance of Stabilized Granular Materials in Cold Climates

Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Containing Plastic Waste

Pavement materials
Pavement performance and safety
Pavement maintenance/ Rehabilitation
Pavement management

Jafar  Soltan

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Z. Jeirani, C. Niu, J. Soltan, 2017. Adsorption of emerging pollutants on activated carbon, Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 33(5): 491-522.

Novel catalysts and processes to enhance reaction of ozone with pollutants in air and water (NSERC Discovery)

Ozone Reactions
Emerging Pollutants in Water
Advanced Oxidation Processes
Wastewater Treatment
Environmental Catalysis
Treatment of Polluted Air
Applications of Ultrasound in Water Treatment
Multiphase Reactors
Applied Catalysts and Kinetics
Novel Sorbants and Catalysts

Shelley Spurr


A Community-Based Health Promotion Approach to Developing an Intervention for Adolescents Living in Saskatchewan Who Are At Risk for Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Spurr, S., Bullin, C., Bally, J., Trinder, K., & Khan, S. (2018, January 12). Nurse-led diabetic retinopathy screening: A pilot study to evaluate a new approach to vision care for Canadian Aboriginal peoples. International Journal of Circumpolar Health.
Comment: DOI: 10.1080/22423982.2017.1422670

Spurr, S., Bally, J., Bullin, C., & Trinder, K. (2017, September 21). Type 2 diabetes in Canadian Aboriginal adolescents: Risk factors and prevalence. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 36, 111-117.

Oral health
Healthy Body Weights
Physical Activity
Holistic Nursing care
Interprofessional Nursing Education

Verna  St. Denis

Educational Foundations

St. Denis, V. (2011). Silencing Aboriginal curricular content and perspectives: “There are other children here.” Review of education, pedagogy, and cultural studies, 33(4), pp. 306-317.;

St. Denis, V. (2011). Foreword. In M. Cannon & L. Sunseri (eds.), Racism, colonialism and Indigeneity in Canada: A reader, pp. Don Mills ON: Oxford University Press.

teaching lives of Indigenous teachers; anti-colonial, critical race theory; anti-oppressive teacher education; associations and collaborations between western theories; Indigenous education

Ian Stavness

Computer Science


P2IRC Phase II Flagship 3: Deep Learning for Phenomics

Enabling the next revolution in global food production through automatically labelled data sets and machine learning' with George Weston Limited

deep learning, computer vision, and 3D modeling for biological and biomedical applications

Ronald Steer


R. P. Steer, Prospects for Efficient Solar Energy Upconversion Using Metalloporphyrins as Dual Absorber-Upconverters. RSC Dalton Transactions, 47, 8517-8525 (2018).

Photophysics and photochemistry of potentially useful materials (NSERC Discovery)

Katherine Stewart

Soil Science

Towards Informed Environmental Decision-Making in Traditional Territory: Advancing Good-Practice Engagement Among Indigenous Communities, Industry and Government Agencies in Saskatchewan’s Boreal North

Tundra Restoration: Niche construction in early successional plant-soil systems (NSERC)

ecotoxicology, innovative treatment technologies, risk assessment, reclamation, remediation, restoration

Graham  Strickert



Appels, W., Bradford, L., Chun, K.P., Coles, A.E., and Strickert, G.  2017.  DIY meteorology: use of citizen science to monitor snow dynamics in a data-sparse city. FACETS, 2: 734–753.

Strickert, G.E., Chun, K.P., Bradford, L.E., Clark, D.A., Gober, P., Reed. M.G., and Payton, D.  2015.  Unpacking viewpoints on water security: lessons from the South Saskatchewan River Basin. Water Policy, 18(1):  50-72.

human dimensions of water security

Glenn  Stuart

Archaeology & Anthropology

Stuart, Glenn S.L. and Walker, E.G. 2018. Pollen and charcoal studies at the Wolf Willow site, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon, Canada. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 27(3):507-525.

Stuart, Glenn S.L. 2018. Paleoethnobotany (revised). In Smith C. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology online, DOI:, (16 pp.). New York, NY: Springer.

environmental archaeology, paleoethnobotany and paleoenvironmental reconstruction, archaeology of the Plains, Parkland and Boreal Forest, Human environmental impact, subsistence strategies

Lee  Swanson

Management and Marketing

Swanson, L.A., Landrie-Parker, D., & Leader, J. (2016). Effectively engaging with Indigenous communities through multi-methods qualitative data collection and an engaged communications plan. Engaged Scholar Journal, 3(6), 1-18.

Northern capacity building through Aboriginal entrepreneurship: A Canadian and Scandinavian comparative study (NCBAE). 2013-2018

entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, Aboriginal entrepreneurship, community capacity-building through entrepreneurship, and institutional-stakeholder engagement

Jerzy Szpunar

Mechanical Engineering

Acid-Resistant Pipeline Steel Structure Control Technology Research Technology Development (Shagang Iron and Steel Research Institute)

Deformation and recrystallization processes in metals; Structure and properties of thin films; Electronic interconnects; High temperature oxidation and corrosion; Synergy of wear, Erosion and corrosion; Applications of X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques; Hydrogen ingress into nuclear materials; Intergranular fractures; Fatigue and failure; and Superplasticity and other special properties of nanocrystalline materials

Lope  Tabil

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biomass Feedstock for Food and Energy Security in the North: Solutions to Technical Issues, Economic Feasibility and Environmental Sustainability (Biofuelnet Canada Network)

Agbovi, H., L. Wilson* and L. Tabil. 2017. Biopolymer flocculants and oat hull biomass to aid the removal of orthophosphate in wastewater treatment. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 56: 37−46.

Value-added processing of agricultural materials, storage and drying of agricultural crops, biomass logistics, pre-processing and densification; pre-processing and densification of biomass for the biorefinery and conversion of lignocellulosic waste into bioproducts; biocomposites and biomaterials; bioenergy and biofuels.

Caroline Tait


Transformational Research in Adolescent Mental Health-CIHR/Graham Boeckh Foundation: Indigenous adolescent mental health (Co-I: 2014-19).

Tait, Caroline L., Mussell, W. & Robert, H. (2019).  Micro-Reconciliation as a Pathway for Transformative Change. International Journal of Indigenous Health, 14(2), 19 - 38. DOI 10.32799/ijih.v14i2.31928

Mental health and addictions among Indigenous peoples, indigenous health and ethical considerations/reconciliation

Karen Tanino

Plant Sciences

Cooperative Research Agreement: The study on responses of plant and changes in nutrient content of crop products in cold area under global warming process

Plant abiotic stress physiology
Interactions of plants with the environment

Bunyamin Tar'an

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Introgression of Novel Traits from Wild Chickpea to Improve Adaptation and Yield of Cultivated Chickpea under Suboptimal Environments (Ag Development Fund)

Ketema Daba, Thomas D. Warkentin, Rosalind Bueckert, Christopher D. Todd and Bunyamin Tar'an. 2016. Determination of photoperiod-sensitive phase in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L). Frontier Plant Sci. 7:478. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00478.

Genetics and management of chickpea

Ulrich Teucher


 RMcRae, D., Janssen, P, Saraswathi, V, Mayhew, M., Mpofu, D., Teucher, U., & Muhajarine, N. (3 Oct 2018). Reduced prevalence of small-for-gestational-age and preterm birth for women of low socioeconomic position: a population-based cohort study comparing antenatal midwifery and physician models of care. BMJ Open, 8(10), 1-11.

Sayok, A. K., & Teucher, U. (2018). Loss of Food Plant Knowledge and Identity Among Indigenous Peoples in Malaysia. Journal of Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences. 11(1): 174-188.

Findlay, I., Lovrod, M., Teucher, U., & Quinlan, L. (2015). Building critical community engagement through scholarship: Three case studies. ESJ Engaged Scholar Journal.

culture, human development, and health, protecting indigenous knowledge and food security, communicating health and illness, children's stories of self

Catherine Trask


Combining health and safety with productivity in agriculture: an ergonomic evaluation of exoskeleton for farm tasks (Alberta Ministry of Labour)

Trask C, Khan MI,, Adebayo O, Boden C, Bath B. Who gets studied? Examining inequities in the low back disorder literature. Journal of Agromedicine. 2015;20.

ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury surveillance, exposure assessment and sampling strategies, as well as evaluation of workplace interventions

Robert (Bob) Tyler

Food and Bioproduct Sciences

Podder, R., Khan, S.M., Tar'an, B., Tyler, R.T., Henry, C.J., Jalal, C., Shand, P.J., and Vandenberg, A.  2018. Sensory acceptability of iron-fortified red lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) Dal.  Journal of Food Science, 83(3): 804-813.

Flaxseed fractionation for product development and process scale-up (Mitacs)

Crop utilization

Fabienne Uehlinger

Large Animal Clinical Sciences

general dairy health; calf health; One Health; epidemiology; zoonitic diseases; infectious diseases; human-animal interface; research in developing countries; small ruminants; goat; Asia; Africa; Haiti

Albert (Bert) Vandenberg

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Khazaei H., Subedi M., Nickerson M., Martinez-Villaluenga C., Frias J., Vandenberg A. (2019) Seed protein of lentils: current status progress and use in food applications. Foods, 8(9). doi: 10.3390/foods8090391.

Smits J.E., Krohn R.M., Akhtar E., Hore S.K., Fakir Y., Vandenberg A. (2019) Food as medicine: high selenium lentils offer relief against chronic arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh. Environmental Research, 176: doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2019.108561

Production and management of lentil, fababean and special crops

Ken  Van Rees

Soil Sciences

Centre for Northern Agroforestry and Afforestation, GIWS

Above- and Below-Ground Carbon Sequestration in Shelterbelt Trees in Canada: A Review October 2019 Forests 10(10):922 DOI: 10.3390/f10100922 Rafaella MayrinckRafaella MayrinckColin P. LaroqueColin P. LaroqueBeyhan Y. AmichevK. C. J. Van ReesK. C. J. Van Rees

Influence of skidder traffic on soil bulk density, aspen regeneration, and vegetation indices following winter harvesting in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK
March 2019 Forest Ecology and Management 437:59-69 DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2019.01.017 Landon L. SealeyK. C. J. Van ReesK. C. J. Van Rees

agroforestry and biomass energy systems and their impacts on soils as well as understanding root dynamics in boreal ecosystems

Hassan  Vatanparast


School of Public Health

The impact of socio-economic, geography and cultural factors on household food insecurity of Syrian refugees resettled in rural areas and small cities across Saskatchewan (President's SSHRC)

Towards international refugee food security solutions (SSHRC Partnership Grant)

nutritional epidemiology with emphasis on nutition-related non-communicable diseases, community-based health promotion, public health nutrition, nutritional assessment, analysis of complex health survey data, nutrition and health status of immigrant and refugee population

Vladimir Vujanovic

Food and Bioproduct Sciences

Industrial production of beneficial plant endosymbionts for seed treatment and improved canola, soybean & pea (Ag Development Fund)

Kumari, V. Germida, J., and Vujanovic, V. 2018. Legume endosymbionts: Drought stress tolerance in second‐generation chickpea (Cicer arietinum) seeds. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 204: 529-540.

Molecular mycology and biotechnology
Microbiome and endosymbionts

Cheryl Waldner

Large Animal Clinical Sciences

One Health

Waldner, C.L., Gow, S., Parker, S., Wilson, D., Campbell, J.R., 2018. Attitudes towards antimicrobial use and factors associated with antimicrobial use in western Canadian cow-calf herds. Canadian Veterinary Journal, [Article in Press, ID 2018-0082.R2 July 2018].

Bradford, L., Waldner, C., McLaughlin, K., Zagozewski, R., Bharadwaj, L., 2018. A Mixed Method Examination of Risk Factors in the Truck-to-Cistern Drinking Water System on the Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan. Canadian Water Resources Journal, DOI: 10.1080/07011784.2018.1474139 11 June 2018.

Collaborative Modelling Framework for Water Futures and Holistic Human Health Effects

Water and health in rural and remote communities; transmission of antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals; farm-to-fork food safety; reproduction, infectious disease & nutrition in cattle; environmental epidemiology; One Health; community-based research

James  Waldram

Archaeology & Anthropology


Knowledge Translation - Pelican Narrows Evacuation Study (OVPR)

anthropology of healing, anthropology of disaster and dislocation, Indigenous peoples, culture and mental health, ethnographic film, prison ethnography

Ryan  Walker

Geography & Planning

Prairie Research Centre, SERI

Nejad, S, Walker, R, Newhouse, D (2019) Indigenous placemaking and the built environment: toward transformative urban design, Journal of Urban Design DOI: 10.1080/13574809.2019.1641072

Bouvier, N, Walker, R (2018) Indigenous planning and municipal governance: Lessons from the transformative frontier, Canadian Public Administration 61(1) 130-134

Meewasin Northeast Swale Project

city planning, urban geography, urban design, indigenous urbanism, public space, multi-level urban governance

Fran Walley

Soil Science

Microscale controls on soil organic matter stability and consequent nitrogen and carbon cycling at the macroscale (NSERC Discovery)

Purton, K, D.J. Pennock and F.L. Walley. 2015. Will changes in climate and land use affect soil organic matter composition? Evidence from an ecotonal climosequence. Geoderma 253-254:48-60.

Soil nitrogen dynamics
Synchrotron based techniques
Pulse crop agronomy
Impact of agrichemicals on biological dinitrogen fixation

Dawn  Wallin

Educational Administration

Wallace, J., & Wallin, D.  (2015).  “The voice inside herself”: Transforming academic identities. Gender and Education, 1-18.  DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2015.1019838

Feminism and Education in Canada: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

educational administration and leadership; rural education; gender issues in education

Megan Walsh

Organizational Behaviour

Walsh, M. M. (Principal Investigator), Carleton, E. (Co-investigator), & Arnold, K. A. (Collaborator), Addressing stereotype threat from women in leadership: The role of mindfulness, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant, 2018-2020.

Walsh, M. M. & Arnold, K. A. (2018). Mindfulness as a buffer of leaders’ self-rated behavioral responses to emotional exhaustion: A dual process model of self-regulation. Frontiers in Psychology, 9(2498), 1-15. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02498

Hui  Wang

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Principal Investigator, Atomically Precise Catalysis Studies with CLS Synchrotron for Sustainable, Efficient, & Environmentally-Friendly Chemical Processes, NSERC, Discovery Grant, $20,000/yr, 1/5, 2012-2017;,-slowing-climate-change.php

Heterogeneous Catalysis; Reaction Engineering; Separation Engineering; Sulphur Removal; Hydrogen Production; Sustainability Development

Thomas Warkentin

Plant Sciences

Crop Development Centre

Improving iron status increases the value of pea in whole food and protein markets

Evaluation of genetic diversity for glycemic index in pea flour

Plant breeding
Pulse crops
Disease resistance
End-use quality

Lynn Weber

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

Gerger, C.J., Weber, L.P. 2015. Comparison of the acute effects of benzo-a-pyrene on adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) cardiorespiratory function following intraperitoneal injection versus aqueous exposure. Aquatic Toxicology 165, 19-30. DOI 10.1016/j.aquatox.2015.05.008.

Cardiometabolic response of juvenile rainbow trout exposed to dietary selenomethionine

Effect of environmental influences, primarily toxicants and nutritional factors, on the cardiovascular system

Cherie  Westbrook

Geography & Planning

GIWS, Centre for Hydrology

Flood Risk Management in Canada’s Prairie Provinces: an Analysis of Decision-Maker Priorities and Policy Preferences. 2019. A Morrison, BF Noble, CJ Westbrook Environmental Management, 1-18

A review of the flood risk management governance and resilience literature. 2018. A Morrison, CJ Westbrook, BF Noble. Journal of Flood Risk Management 11 (3), 291-304

Groundwater-surface water interactions
Mountain Wetlands
Mountain Peatlands

Clinton  Westman

Archaeology & Anthropology


Cultural Politics of Energy in Northern Alberta: Aboriginal Communities and the Impacts, Benefits and Consultation Processes of Bitumen, Oil and Natural Gas Extraction. (2015-18)

2019. C.N. Westman and T.L. Joly. Oil Sands Extraction in Alberta, Canada: a Review of Impacts and Processes Concerning Indigenous People. Human Ecology 47.2: 233-243.

'Toward a Cross-Cultural Ethics for Human-Caribou Engagement' internship with Prince Albert Model Forest. (Mitacs)

environmental anthropology, anthropology of religion, Western Canada, Northern Canada, Aboriginal issues, energy issues (oil/tar sands)

Howard  Wheater


GIWS, Civil and Geological Engineering

Water Cycle Prediction in Global Water Futures (ECCC)

Changing Cold Regions Network (NSERC)

hydrological processes and modelling, management of flood risk, water resources, water quality, wastes and climate change adapation, socio-hydrology

Winona Wheeler

Indigenous Studies

nature and challenges of the discipline of Indigenous Studies, Cree intellectual traditions and oral history methodologies, indigenous knowledge, anti-colonial theory & approaches, history of indigenous-settler relations, land claims & treaty rights, community-based/engaged research, history of First Nations education, indian residential schools, missionary relations

Colin  Whitfield


GIWS, Geography & Planning, Centre for Hydrology

Better BMPs - Budgeting And Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Keeping Water On The Land In Agricultural Reservoirs (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Diverse regional drivers of aquatic greenhouse gas emission – management and climate drivers (NSERC Discovery)

Whitfield, C.J., Mowat, A.C., Scott, K.A., and Watmough, S.A.  2016.  A modified approach for assessing the aquatic critical load of acid deposition in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.  Atmospheric Environment, 146: 300-310.

Atmospheric pollution, Hydrochemistry, Catchment modelling, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, climate change and landscape disturbance

Susan  Whiting


 Linking agro-food systems and community equity for food security in Ethiopia ; Mesfin A, C Henry, A Kaler, M Girma, SJ Whiting. (2014) Use of pulse crops in complementary feeding of 6-23 month old infants and 1 young children at Taba kebele, southern Ethiopia. Journal of Public Health in press.; egg shell as a calcium source in young children

Dietary assessment and nutritional epidemiology; dietary effects on calcium metabolism; nutrition and osteoporosis; access to healthy food; dietary need in long-term care; bioavailability and safety of nutritional supplements

Travis Wiens

Mechanical Engineering

Modeling, Optimization and Control of Advanced Switched Inertance Hydraulic Converters (NSERC Discovery)

Fluid Power (Hydraulics)
Acoustic Sensing
Dynamic Modelling

Chelsea  Willness

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour


Willness, C.R. (2019). When CSR backfires: Understanding stakeholders’ negative responses to corporate social responsibility. In A. McWilliams, D.E. Rupp, D.S. Siegel, G. Stahl, & D.A. Waldman, Eds. The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility: Psychological and Organizational Perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press.

Willness, C.R. (2019). Community-based partnership for capacity building: Stakeholder engagement through governance and leadership. In J. Allen & R. Reiter-Palmon, Eds. The Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Community Engagement and Outreach. Cambridge University Press.

Social/environmental responsibility and organizational reputation
Non-profit governance
Student engagement and experiential learning
Community partnerships and stakeholder engagement
Attracting, selecting, and retaining talent
Employer branding
Leadership and sustainability

Alex  Wilson

Educational Foundations

SERI, Aboriginal Education Research Centre

Wachusko weesti (Muskrat Hut) Project: Researching sustainable community design to address water, waste water, and housing issues within First Nations. (SSHRC)

SSHRC Partnership (PI Stephane McLachlan) Stage 2: Wa Ni Ska Tan: cross-regional research alliance on the implications of hydro development for environments and indigenous communities in Northern Canada

indigenous research methodology, two spirit identity and indigenous feminisms, indigenous people and homelessness, land-based education, food sovereignty, anti-oppressive education, social justice, social movements

Lee  Wilson



Improving Water Security Through Sulfate Removal to Enhance Livestock & Dairy Production (Ag Development Fund)

Development of bio-desiccants materials from modified biopolymers and agricultural biomass (Ag Development Fund)

Physical Chemistry, Water, Solution Chemistry, Hydration Phenomena, Macromolecules, Polymers, Biomaterials, Membranes, Porous Materials, Sorption Phenomena, Hydrophobic Effect, Carbohydrates, Self-Assembly, Colloids & Surfactants, Molecular Recognition, Materials & Environmental Science, Chemical Separations

Craig  Wilson

Finance and Management Science

Mingzhi Liu, Yulin Shi, Craig Wilson, and Zhenyu Wu, 2017. Does Family Involvement Explain Why Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Earnings Management? Journal of
Business Research 75, 8-16.

Min Maung, Craig Wilson, and Xiaobo Tang, 2016. Political Connections and Industrial Pollution: Evidence Based on State Ownership and Environmental Levies in China.
Journal of Business Ethics 138(4), 649-659.

corporate finance and corporate governance

Terry Wotherspoon


Milne, Emily and Terry Wotherspoon. 2019. "'Alignment-Plus': Alignment with Schooling Requirements and Cultural-Bridging among Indigenous Middle-Class Parents." British Journal of Sociology of Education, DOI: 10.1080/01425692.2019.1668749.

Wotherspoon, Terry and John Hansen. 2019. "Racial Profiling and Reconciliation: The Quest for Indigenous Justice in Canada," in Bonnie Berry, editor, Physical Appearance and Crime. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 75-93.

Public Perceptions on Reconciliation (SSHRC Explore)

Social Policy
Sociology of Education
Work and Labour Markets

Wei Xiao


Establishing transgene-free CRISPR/Cas9 based genome editing platform to improve canola resistance against clubroot disease (Ag Development Fund)

Niu, X., Chen, W., Bi, T., Lu M., Qin, Z. and Xiao, W. (2019) Rev1 plays central roles in mammalian DNA-damage tolerance in response to UV irradiation. FEBS J. 286: 2711-2725.

discovery of non-conventional ubiquitinaiton processes and in defining the molecular mechanisms of the related pathways

David Zhang

Management and Marketing

Genome Canada Joint Special Initiative Societal Implications in Genomics Research "Creating consumer-oriented value in genetically modified foods: exploring consumer attitudes and willingness to pay" (SSHRC Insight)

Lifeng  Zhang

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Development of green processes for egg shell decontaminations via electro-nanospraying techniques (Canadian Poultry Research Council)

Dust Removal and Microbial Deactivation for Improving Air Quality in Livestock Barns (Ag Development Fund)

Fluidization and Multiphase Flow Systems; Clean Energy and Sustainability; Reaction Engineering; Electrostatics in Particulate System Handling

Yanbo Zhang


Major Mental Illness: Early Intervention and Psychiatric Rehabilitation, with Special Consideration for Marginalized Populations (SHRF)

(1) the impacts of psychiatric medications and brain stimulation treatments on brain development and repair; (2) the gene-environmental interaction and its role in mental disorder development. Interests: schizophrenia, mood disorder, post stroke depression and cannabis and other substance addictions.