UCommute: Carpooling and Ride Sharing Made Easy

Promoting sustainability is a priority of the University of Saskatchewan. To help you find sustainable commute options, we are pleased to provide a dedicated ride-sharing service: UCommute. UCommute is an easy carpool and ride-share matching service directly integrated into PAWS that helps you reduce your transportation footprint and make new friends!

How Does It Work?

UCommute lets you enter your trip and find other commuters in your area.

  • Want to carpool? Register as a driver or a passenger and find others who are willing to commute together!
  • Want to bike? You can see a list of other cyclists in your area!
  • Want to walk? Find someone nearby to walk with to campus!
  • Want to take transit? Use UCommute to search for a transit buddy! 

Single-Trip Matching

Use single-trip matching to help you find a partner to share a ride for a one-time trip. Simply enter your origin, destination, travel dates, and trip preferences, and search to see if a similar trip has already been posted by another user, and if it has, you can connect with them via email to see if you can go together.

Log and Track Your Commuting Stats

UCommute also lets you record your daily commute and get stats on fuel consuption, fincancial savings, calories burned, and greenhouse gas emissions. Regular contests will reward users who regularly post their commute on the commute calendar, so you could have a chance to win gift cards, U of S apparel, and many other cool prizes!

Try UCommute Today

UCommute is your answer for:

  • Carpooling
  • Ride Sharing
  • Matching with Active Transportation Partners
  • Making New Friends
  • Logging and Tracking Your Commute
  • Reducing Your Transportation Footprint

What are you waiting for? Try it today!

Privacy and Security

UCommute is powered by RideShark, a globally recognized and market leading enterprise commuter management solution that helps government, corporate, and campus organizations. Database security is RideShark’s top priority. Only the latest and most reliable technologies are used to ensure your data is safely protected. RideShark continually passes extensive security audits from banking, military and IT organizations. Your information will never be sold or shared with other organizations.

When you sign up to use UCommute, you are authorizing the University of Saskatchewan to transmit your first and last name, NSID, and role (student or employee) to RideShark. You may also include your email and phone number. This information will never be shared with other users without your consent. When you no longer want to be listed as a commuter on UCommute, you can simply delete or deactivate your account, and your information will not be live on the site. You can read the entire UCommute privacy statement here [link to document].