What is EcoHack?

Solve Local Environmental & Sustainability Problems

We know that the best solutions to almost any problem come from multidisciplinary and diverse teams...so why not reframe the traditional hackathon model to reflect this?

EcoHack is an immersive multi-day experience where innovators, tinkerers, and makers from various degree programs collaborate using a rapid-iteration design model to generate viable solutions to problems posed by local community/industry partners. These solutions can take many forms: a marketing plan, an innovative business idea, software development, a physical product idea, etc. The varied solutions from multiple industries/disciplines highlight the intersectional nature of environment and sustainability challenges.

By the end of the event, our participants will have collaborated with community partners to solve a tangible real-world problem by leveraging the skills and abilities of their interdisciplinary colleagues. With the opportunity to take part in immersive experiential learning, network with relevant organizations in their community, and gain insight into how their academic disciplines can translate into real-world businesses and solutions, EcoHack is the perfect match for any student looking to make a difference.

Need more information? Check out our How to Hackathon Guide.

Who Can Participate?

EcoHack will be open to anyone who wants to innovate, tinker, and make things! Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate, and we are excited to get students involved from a wide variety of disciplines. The broader the experience at the table, the better the possibilities for solutions.


Tuesday, October 1 (Tentative)

Participants are invited to attend a non-mandatory “training session” where they will get tips and tricks from experts in areas such as: hackathon how-to, ideation, business pitch creation, etc.

Friday, October 4

Our Pitch Night kicks off the event as community partners will have two minutes to pitch an open-ended "challenge" to participants. The participants will self-organize into groups and choose which challenge they want to work on. A focus of the evening will be on helping participants connect with peers and professionals to network, spark creativity, and assist in developing a solution during the event.

Saturday, October 5

Participants will begin working with their teams to analyze their chosen issue, strategize towards a solution, and create a tangible representation to present to their fellow groups and all community partners at Saturday evening's Challenge Night event. 

Groups will present their ideas to a panel of judges, who will help to award four prizes the groups who stand out in the following areas:

  • Most Innovative Solution
  • Most Impactful Solution
  • Best Presentation
  • The "Risky Business" Award for Riskiest Solution

Following our awards ceremony, participants and community partners will be invited to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening's reception, with opportunities to network and plot future directions for the solutions they crafted over the course of the day.


Locations for EcoHack are still being determined. Stay tuned for more information.


EcoHack 2019 registration is now open at the Eventbrite link below.

EcoHack | NextGen

EcoHack | NextGen is for any high school student in Saskatoon who is passionate about the environment and sustainability and wants to make a difference when they graduate! 

You will spend the afternoon learning about the sustainability initiatives that we have on campus, see some of our environmental labs, and attend a workshop based on the method of solution design taught at the Stanford Design School.

Information about our various environmental programs will also be available.


Organizing Partners

EcoHack would like to thank the following groups who have helped make this event a reality.

USask Organizing Partners

  • Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience - Central Recruitment Office
  • Office of Sustainability
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources
  • College of Education
  • Edwards School of Business

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