A Farmer's Market for US

A vendor sells their goods at the U of S Campus Farmer's Market's 2016 Living Lab pilot

Since its inception as a Living Lab student pilot project in 2016, the USask Campus Farmer's Market has been bringing a taste of the Farmer's Market to the campus community. A collaboration between the Office of Sustainability, the USSU, and the Saskatoon Farmer's Market, the USask Campus Farmer's Market operates on approximately a monthly basis from September to May in the Place Riel North Concourse.

The Market seeks to provide a mechanism for local vendors to market their wares for the campus community. All are welcome to apply for a vendor stall by filling out the online application form at the link below.

When and Where


The USask Campus Farmer's Market will operate on approximately a monthly basis from September through May. 

2019 Market Dates

  • September 27
  • October 18 (Campus Sustainability Week)
  • November 8 

January through April are still being scheduled.


Start: 9:00 am

Ends: 2:00 pm

Setup will open at 8:30 am each morning of the USask Campus Farmer's Market.


Place Riel Students' Centre

1 Campus Drive

Vendors will set up in the North Concourse of the building. Parking can be difficult on campus, but those load-in and load-out is usually very quick and effective in the parking loop in front of Louis'.

Vendor Information

Vendors wanting to set up at the USask Campus Farmer's Market must complete the Vendor Application Form. Vendors selling food must also submit an “Application to Sell Food at a Farmer’s Market” to the Facilities Manager for approval from the Health Region. Applicants will be notified which days they are selected to set up at the USask Campus Farmer's Market.

We have moved to MailChimp as our primary means of communicating with our vendors. Please ensure that you check your junk mail/spam folders to make sure that your e-mail client is not filtering out our messages.

The USask Campus Farmer's Market will host 10 rotating vendors at each market. Vendors will be selected based on the desired ratio of vendors goods outlined in the section above. An 11th table will host the USSU Food Centre's Fresh Food Market each week. Some items are not permitted at the USask Campus Farmer's Market. Please see the list of restricted items in the appropriate section below.

There is a $25 fee to set up for a day at the USask Campus Farmer's Market. It can be paid upon arrival at the USSU Front Desk in Upper Place Riel. Cash, debit, and credit card are accepted.

Each vendor will be allotted one 3'x6' table. Please bring table covering as desired.

The USask Campus Farmer's Market is located in the North Concourse of Place Riel at 1 Campus Drive.

Parking will be in Lot 1 located in front of Place Riel. Parking fees will be $2 per hour paid by the vendor. If after parking you require the use of a dolly, one can be picked up in the North Concourse from the USSU Front Desk.

Alternatively, unloading can occur at the loading zone located directly in front of the building in the transit area. This loading zone can only accommodate two small vehicles at a time and can not block any bus parking. If this method is chosen, we will have volunteers available to watch goods while the vendor promptly leaves to park their vehicle. 

Google Map Direction: Click Here

Place Riel will be open at 8:30am for setup. Loading can occur from the parking lot or at the loading zone in front of Place Riel located in the transit area.

All vendors will sign in at the USSU desk in Upper Place Riel. The $25 vendor fee is payable at this time. Once signed in, vendors will receive their table number and location.

Due to exclusivity agreements with on-campus vendors, the following items are not permitted:

Baking Restrictions

Cookies and muffins are not permitted.

Ready-to-Eat Meals and Hot Meals

Any meal that requires on the spot preparation is not permitted. Hot meals including pizza, sushi, rice & veggie bowls, pitas, smoothies, burgers, fries, or crepes are not permitted.

The U of S Campus Farmer's Market is a Sustainability Initiative

To support this goal, all items sold at the USask Campus Market must be handmade, locally sourced, or support sustainability in some way.

Public Health Authority

All food items offered for sale at the USask Campus Market must meet the approval of the public health authority. 

Vendor Types

Pie chart depicting vendor ratios for the U of S Campus Farmer's Market

These vendor ratios are approximate and may vary depending on season.

Baked Goods - up to 2 tables

We encourage whole loaves, whole pies, and baked goods sold by the dozen. Please see restricted items below.

Fresh Produce - up to 4 tables

Open for fresh vegetable and fruit sellers. Priority for 1 table will be given to the Campus Horticulture Club.

Canned Foods - up to 2 tables

Dried and canned food items including sauces, salsas, jams, and jellies.

Meat, Dairy, or Frozen Foods - up to 2 tables

A small number of electrical outlets are available, though we are unable to provide refrigerators or freezers. Cooked foods/meals cannot be sold in accordance with our agreements with the existing vendors in Place Riel.

Dry Goods - up to 2 tables

Dried herbs, dried fruits, candies, jerky, grains, or dry pasta.

Crafts and Other - up to 2 tables

Non-food items that are artisanal in quality.

Contact Information

General Inquires and Application Submissions:

Matt Wolsfeld

Community Engagement Co-ordinator

University of Saskatchewan - Office of Sustainability



Facility Information

Stefanie Ewen

Facilities Manager

University of Saskatchewan - Students' Union