Student Orientation

Attention: 2016 U of S Student Orientation will take place on September 1 and 2 this year. Be sure to sign up at

Joining the University of Saskatchewan as a student can seem like an intimidating process. Luckily for those interested in sustainability, there are many opportunities to get involved through the rest of your university career. Each year at the U of S Orientation Expo the Office of Sustainability will be on hand and available to answer your sustainability-related questions and introduce you to the many initiatives and opportunities there are available to students.

Employee Orientation

Because of shifts in employee training procedures, the Office of Sustainability is currently working with Human Resources to include sustainability content in employee orientation sessions. Be on the lookout for this in the coming year.

Intro to Campus Sustainability

The University of Saskatchewan is home to a single-stream recycling program, meaning that all recyclable materials go into a single bin. No sorting on your end means faster, simpler, and more convenient opportunities for you to recycle on campus! Beginning in September 2016, the university will be transitioning to a new uniform look for its recycling program to help make identifying our bins even easier. Just look for the blue bin and leave your recycling in our hands.

For any and all recycling-related questions, visit our Recycling page for more information.

Getting to and from campus can lead to some questions for the new student. Saskatoon is a fairly car-centric city, which can be unfamiliar to students from larger transit-oriented centres. However, the U of S has made strides to make sustainable transportation easier for students. Your U-Pass can be picked up from the USSU Main Office in Upper Place Riel and is your ticket to free transit around the city. For students looking to more sustainably use their existing vehicles, UCommute is an easy tool for putting together and planning carpooling groups around the city (it can also be used to find transit options or active transportation buddies for those looking to make new friends). The U of S also has a great partnership with Enterprise CarShare and hosts 2 available car share vehicles on campus; sign-up is as easy as visiting their website and signing up online. If you're someone who likes to get out and active during their commute, the University of Saskatchewan is home to one of the largest interconnected networks of multi-use pathways in Canada including connections to the beautiful Meewasin River Valley trail system. Bikes, boards, wheels, and runners alike are able to get to and around campus this way.

The U of S Students Transportation page includes a convenient roundup of these options to peruse at your own leisure.

The University of Saskatchewan Campus is a beautiful and daunting landscape. Its character-filled buildings both old and new stretch out in all directions, hiding a number of seemingly-invisible sustainability features. The Office of Sustainability offers a Campus Sustainability Tour that can help both new and experienced students explore campus and discover what strides we've made in improving sustainability around the university. If you are interested in taking a Campus Sustainability Tour, reach out to our office at to book your tour today!
Living in residence at the University of Saskatchewan offers a number of opportunities to make new friends, discover new activities, and stay close to your studies on campus. The Office of Sustainability has made efforts to make living sustainably in residence easy and convenient for U of S students. Head over to our Living Sustainably in Residence page for more information.
For students looking to get their hands dirty with sustainability, opportunities at the University of Saskatchewan are plentiful. There are many student groups involved in sustainability around campus that are always open to accepting new members into their clubs. For those feeling generous with their time, volunteer opportunities are widely available; a list of potential opportunities can be found on our Volunteer Opportunities page. If you are interested in volunteering directly with the Office of Sustainability to aid our initiatives and make campus a more sustainable place, join our Green Pack student volunteer corp to keep updated on the latest opportunities and events.