Sustainability Focused Student Groups

For students taking sustainability-focused degree programs on campus there are many groups that might align with both your studies and your interests. Browse through the list below to find a list that you could be eligible for and feel free to contact them regarding membership.

Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA)

The Environmental Studies Students' Association (ESSA) is one of the largest multi-disciplinary undergraduate student associations at the University of Saskatchewan. ESSA's goal is to promote concern for the environment through various academic and recreational activities. Find out how you can become involved at their website below.

School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association (SENSSA)

The School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association (SENSSA) is made up of students from the University of Saskatchewan's School of Environment and Sustainability. Some of SENSSA's objectives include: promoting unity and welfare of SENSAA students and sustainability in all of its endeavours.

Green Legal

Green Legal is a student club that aims to increase environmental awareness and involvement within the College of Law, build environmental law and policy analysis skills among members, and support community-based non-governmental organizations through law and policy research.

Environmental and Bioresources Students Association (EBSA)

The Environmental and Bioresources Students Association (EBSA) is a student group for majors of Renewable Resource Management and Environmental Science, and Students in an Environmental related field at the U of S. Their mission is to create social, educational and experiential opportunities for Environmental Science, Soil Science, and Renewable Resource Management students.

Sustainability-Related Student Groups

Regardless of your degree or college, there are many student groups around campus that can help you get involved with sustainability in a way that fits your interests and needs. Any of the groups listed below can be contacted to inquire about membership.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

The University of Saskatchewan is home to one of the 36 Engineers Without Borders chapters across Canada. We focus on development issues across the globe and work to make a difference both overseas and here in Canada. Our chapter is filled with students who are passionate, motivated, and excited about change.

U of S Innovative Energy Team (USIET)

An engineering students group open to students of any major that seeks to develop upon students passions for energy innovation through project development, professional networking, and informational events.

Enactus University of Saskatchewan

Enactus University of Saskatchewan is a student-run, nonprofit organization based out of the Edwards School of Business that creates positive impact in the community while developing our member's skills through real-world experiences.

Western Canadian Veterinary Students' Association (WCVSA)

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s student body is organized through the Western Canadian Veterinary Students’ Association (WCVSA). Some objectives include promoting the interests/welfare of veterinary students with regard to educational, social and athletic life.

Just Youth (St. Thomas More College)

Do you believe that when the enormous wealth of the world is held by a precious few and 2 billion people in the world lack access to fresh water and sanitation that there is something radically wrong? Want to do something about it? Join the Development and Peace Just Youth Group on campus.

Health Everywhere

Health Everywhere (HE) is a multidisciplinary group of university students and professionals dedicated to raising awareness of global health issues and improving local and global access to health care. Through clinical, research, and educational programs, they seek to create opportunities for students and health professionals to learn about the social, political, and economic issues affecting the health of populations so that we may better serve the global community. Each year, Health Everywhere helps bring awareness to global health issues through events such as the World AIDS week campaign, Global Health speaker series, and annual fundraiser with CHEP Good Food Inc. In addition, they organize educational events for their members, based on the interests in the group. In the past, these have included movie nights, guest speakers, and Fair Trade merchandise sales.

U of S Biology Club

The U of S Biology Club is a group based out of the College of Arts & Sciences's Department of Biology committed to uniting students based around a shared interest in biology. Members do not need to be a biology student to participate; they only need a keen interest in the living world.

U of S Horticulture Club

The U of S Horticulture Club is a group of students passionate about gardening and horticulture. With several outlets to get their hands dirty by growing plants and selling garden goods to Marquis Culinary Centre on campus (lending to the university's first closed-loop food system), the Horticulture Club is the best place to exercise green thumb.