The U of S Commitment

An infographic detailing that in 2012 the U of S produced enough CO2 emissions to fill 2,477 Arts TowersOn October 1, 2010, upon signing the University and College Presidents’ Climate Change Statement of Action for Canada (UCPCCS), the University of Saskatchewan joined 27 other Canadian post-secondary schools in committing their institutions to showing leadership and taking action on climate change. In keeping with our commitments as a signatory, to date the university has accomplished the following:

  • An inventory of our GHG emissions, completed in December 2011 and updated in December 2016
  • Setting a target to reduce our emissions to 20% below our 2006/07 emissions by 2020
  • Climate Action Plan to achieve that target
  • Implementation of the Climate Action Plan is underway
  • The development of an Energy and Water Conservation Policy in October 2014
  • An Energy Management Plan is currently in the early development stages

A pie chart showing a breakdown of where GHG emissions came from in 2016SCOPE 1
Direct GHG emissions from sources owned or controlled by the university.

Indirect GHG emissions from the generation of electricity consumed by the university.

All other indirect emissions from sources not owned or controlled by the university. Reporting is optional.