Online Resources


Bill Mollison. 2002. Introduction to Permaculture. Tagari. — Written to introduce readers to Permaculture concepts and design strategies. Topics include: energy efficient site analysis, planning and design methods, house placement, design for temperate, dry-land and tropical regions, urban Permaculture garden layouts, land access and community funding systems, chicken and pig forage systems, orchards and home wood lots, how to influence micro-climate and a large section on selected plant species with climatic tolerances, heights and uses.

Geoff Cunfer. 2005. On the Great Plains: Agriculture and Environment. TAMU Press. — Cunfer looks at the entire Great Plains (450 counties in ten states), tapping historical agricultural census data paired with GIS mapping to illuminate land use on the Great Plains over 130 years. Coupled with several community and family case studies, this database allows Cunfer to reassess the interaction between farmers and nature in the Great Plains agricultural landscape.

Rachel Carson. 1962. Silent Spring.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company. — This classic provided some of the first public evidence of how pesticides, used without proper control or knowledge, poison the environment.

Thomas Fox. 2011. Urban Farming: Sustainable City Living in Your Backyard, in Your Community, and in the World. Hobby Farm Press. — Urban Farming will introduce readers to the concepts of gardening and farming from a high-rise apartment, participating in a community garden, vertical farming, and converting terraces and other small city spaces into fruitful (and vegetableful!) real estate. This comprehensive volume will answer every up and coming urban farmer’s questions about how, what, where and why—a new green book for the dedicated citizen seeking to reduce his carbon footprint and grocery bill.