What We Do

Our mission is to build a model sustainable campus through community engagement and collaborative action.  We strive to foster growth of a culture of sustainability throughout all areas of campus life—education, research, operations, governance and community engagement. The Office of Sustainability:

  • Advises university units on how to minimize their sustainability impacts and use university resources most efficiently;
  • Oversees implementation of initiatives from the Campus Sustainability Plan and other sustainability-related plans;
  • Acts as resource for the Third Integrated Plan's Sustainability Commitment and the Sustainability Committee;
  • Oversees our greenhouse gas reporting;
  • Develops programs, tools, resources and hosts events to build awareness of sustainability issues and practices to catalyze change;
  • Supports student sustainability initiatives;
  • Coordinates Sustainability Living Lab learning opportunities for students to use campus operations to learn about sustainability issues and propose actionable solutions for the university;
  • Identifies opportunities for sustainability-related academic research using campus operations as a living laboratory;
  • Fosters partnerships and collaboration to maximize opportunities for working together across boundaries on sustainability;
  • Identifies practices to embed sustainability in planning, decision-making and other aspects of governance.


The Office of Sustainability is a group of dedicated individuals who strive to bring about positive change not only at our university, but throughout our community. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Sharing knowledge through open communication allows our community to work together more effectively.

Margret Asmuss, Sustainability Co-ordinator

Margret Asmuss - Sustainability Coordinator


Margret facilitates the integration of sustainability concepts and inquiry into education and research.  This includes coordinating the Sustainability Living Lab which provides students with projects that address campus sustainability issues and challenges for project-based courses. Margret oversees implementation of Campus Sustainability Plan education and research initiatives, one of which is the development of professional development opportunities for faculty wishing to integrate sustainability into their curriculum. Margret also provides guest lectures on sustainability for a variety of classes.

Erin Akins, Sustainability Initiatives Co-ordinator 

Erin Akins - Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator

erin.akins@usask.ca 306.966.2282

Erin works to integrate sustainability into all aspects of university operations by facilitating changes to day-to-day activities, planning, and decision-making across campus.  She works directly with various work units to review existing practices and facilitate positive change. She oversees the Work Green program.

Matt Wolsfeld, Community Engagement Co-ordinator 

Matt Wolsfeld - Community Engagement Coordinator

matt.wolsfeld@usask.ca 306.966.2200

Matt works with staff, faculty, and students to facilitate the development of a strong culture of sustainability that is visible throughout campus. By supporting and carrying out the Campus Sustainability Plan's Community Engagment objectives, he helps to achieve the Plan's goal of having all members of the campus community intentionally choosing and initiating sustainable behaviour in all areas of campus life.

Odili Obi, Waste Prevention Co-ordinator 

Odili Obi - Waste Prevention Co-ordinator



Odili is in charge of managing Facilities Management's single-stream recycling program and works closely with the Office of Sustainability. His position includes both operational and managerial components and ensures that recycling on campus stays accessible and effective.

Energy and Emissions Officer

The Energy and Emissions Officer develops initiatives and implements strategies to conserve energy and reduce the university’s greenhouse gas emissions. They work towards enhancing practices on campus as they relate to energy management in such areas as facilities, campus utilities, solid waste, water, transportation, infrastructure, and equipment. The Energy and Emissions Officer also oversees the Climate Action Plan and other related initiatives that strive towards achieving sustainable energy consumption on campus.

Student Interns


The Office of Sustainability believes that students play a critical part in sustainability. As such, they offer a number of student intern positions every year. Student positions range from assisting with operations projects to conserve energy and water to engagement activities such as planning sustainability-related events and campaigns on campus.

Current interns:

Sydney Boulton - Community Engagement Intern