Thanks to a successful partnership between the Office of Sustainability and the USSU, in Fall 2016 the Student Group Sustainability Grants will begin to be administered through the USSU Sustainability Committee with enhanced funding capabilities. In the coming weeks, applications and information will transition to the USSU's page; until then, continue to use this page for your student group granting needs.

Sustainability Student Group Grants

There's nothing the Office of Sustainability loves to see more than student groups getting involved with sustainability at the U of S. If your student group would like to engage in sustainability through initiatives, events, or just the group's own operations, grants are available to help realize your group's vision.

To be eligible for a grant, your group must:

  1. Be ratified by the USSU
  2. Request a specific amount (grants generally have a soft maximum of $300)
  3. Provide an itemized allocation of the grant funds
  4. Explain how the grant funds will directly further sustainability efforts at the University of Saskatchewan

If you would like to apply for a student group grant for your initiative, event, or activity, follow the link below.


Examples of previous student group grants include:

  • Purchasing reusable dishware for student lounge areas to reduce waste.
  • Purchasing of film screening rights and refreshments for sustainability-related documentary film nights.
  • Rental of space or equipment for on-campus sustainability-related events

There are lots of ways for your group to engage with sustainability on campus! Remember, sustainability is environmental, economic, and social in nature; any group on campus can apply for these grants and there are many ways to engage with sustainability outside of environmental reasons.